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Curriculum Design in Physical Education

Curriculum Design in Physical Education (BSE307)


This course is designed to show students how to plan and develop a meaningful and effective Primary, Secondary and Post-secondary physical education curriculum. Students are led through the process of designing and evaluating the curriculum, from identifying priorities and selecting an organizing framework to planning specific units. Contemporary curriculum models are also examined.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Foundations of Physical Education Curriculum
  • Designing and Developing a Quality Physical Education Programme
  • Assessing Teaching and Learning in Physical Education
  • Evaluating the Physical Education Programme
  • Curriculum Models I
  • Curriculum Models II

Learning Outcome

  • Design a year-long Physical Education plan for curriculum implementation.
  • Design a unit plan that is linked to curriculum goals.
  • Apply knowledge of student characteristics to the design of curriculum.
  • Appraise Physical Education programmes for the primary / secondary students using a set of criteria for good programmes.
  • Examine the role of assessment and evaluation in successful Physical Education programme.
  • Compare and contrast curriculum models identifying the philosophical basis, characteristics, and unique contribution of the model.
  • Compare several models of curriculum design and delivery on their approach to teaching and potential learning outcomes.
  • Discuss various educational philosophies and value orientations as they relate to one’s philosophy of physical education and curriculum development.
  • Create a philosophy statement (using a metaphor) that represents personal values, content and best practice.
  • Analyse and appraise a Physical Education curriculum.
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