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Sport Coaching

Sport Coaching (BSE313)


BSE313 Sport Coaching directs students to examine the theoretical basis and the practice of sport coaching, highlighting the philosophical, social, psychological, pedagogical aspects and the application of sport science that underpin effective coaching. Students will gain the knowledge to understand and manage the complex interplay between coach, athlete, coaching programme and its social context. Students will also explore the different coaching approaches, models, principles and strategies suitable for working with individual, team athletes and specific populations (e.g., children, adults, people with disability). In addition, this course allows the students to further develop their skills in designing effective coaching programmes to enhance athletic performance.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Theories/models related to coaching
  • Coaching styles and climates
  • Conceptual framework for coaching
  • Coaching domains and roles of the coach
  • The coaching process
  • Coach-athlete relationship
  • Coaching philosophy/principles
  • Athlete development and coaching disability sport
  • Performance analysis
  • Management and evaluation of coaching programme
  • Season planning
  • Key ethical principles and safety in sport coaching

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the constructs related to sport coaching and the conceptual framework for sport coaching.
  • Examine the main theories or models related to sport coaching and their implications to the holistic development of athletes, coaching process and sporting environment.
  • Determine the key factors for effective sport coaching.
  • Appraise coaching practice by drawing upon knowledge base assoiated with the disciplines that inform the socio-cultural interpretations of sport coaching.
  • Formulate strategies for promoting positive athlete development and optimal performance.
  • Construct a coaching programme for a specific sport and level.
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