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Instruction and Facilitation in Outdoor Learning

Instruction and Facilitation in Outdoor Learning (BSE323)


BSE323 Instruction and Facilitation in Outdoor Learning is designed to equip students with the essential instructional and facilitation skills for teaching outdoor education. Pedagogy and instructional strategies are emphasized in the context of experiential education. The roles of facilitation, challenges in facilitation administration, and the development of facilitation skills are discussed in relation to self-discovery of hidden abilities and appreciation of group dynamism.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Experiential Education and Outdoor Instructional Techniques
  • Outdoor Learning and Reflection
  • Programming Issues in Outdoor Learning
  • Pedagogical Issues in Facilitation
  • Approaches and Models in Facilitation
  • Participant-Centred Facilitation
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Facilitating Personal Development
  • Facilitating Group Development
  • Leadership Function, Instruction, and Facilitation
  • Facilitator Education
  • Intentionality and Intuition

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate personal philosophy of pedagogy and instructional strategy for outdoor education.
  • Discuss the role of experiential education in human learning and human adaptation to the surrounding environment.
  • Explain the role of facilitation in effecting self-discovery and group dynamism.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the processes underlying individual and group facilitation.
  • Apply leadership characteristics in relation to instruction and facilitation.
  • Apply theory of human development to facilitate self-discovery in outdoor education.
  • Apply group development theory to facilitate group dynamism in outdoor education.
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