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Integrating Technology and Workplace Learning

Integrating Technology and Workplace Learning (BXL643)

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Language: English

Duration: 6 months

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Area of Interest: Education

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School/Department: Institute for Adult Learning


This course brings together technologies for learning and workplace learning, important for work-based learning experiences. Technology is ubiquitous in learning and in workplaces; just as learning is ubiquitous in work settings. In this course, we will zoom in to use a range of technological apps in online, classroom and work settings and critique their possibilities and limitations. In the process, learners will experience different pedagogical approaches and examine the online learning environment and how it informs possibilities for facilitating learning. In addition, learners will explore a range of workplace learning strategies, and their use and effectiveness in work and online settings. These different spaces of learning will be brought together through examining different examples, drawing also from their own experience. A critical engagement with literature from differing perspectives of workplace learning, and technology enabled learning will provide the context for evaluations of different strategies for learning in workplace and technology enabled settings. The focus is to develop seamless learning experiences across different learning environments. Learners will choose a technology enabled and/or workplace learning setting to apply teaching and learning strategies they design, and evaluate their design and facilitation, with peers.

Level: 6
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • The value and contexts of seamless design for tech-enabled and workplace learning
  • Introduction to the theoretical constructs in workplace and tech-enabled learning
  • Teaching and learning strategies in tech-enabled and workplace environments
  • Integrating strategies to enable the best in tech-enabled and workplace learning contexts
  • Trends in workplace and tech-enabled learning and their implications for educators and
  • Seamless design when combining technology-enabled and workplace learning
  • Designing tech-enabled learning in educational and/or work settings
  • Facilitating tech-enabled learning in educational and/or work settings
  • Learners’ experiences in tech-enabled learning environments
  • Evaluating own and others’ design and facilitation of tech-enabled learning
  • Recognising challenges and leveraging benefits in integrated tech-enabled and workplace
  • Reflexive practice

Learning Outcome

  • Critique literature on technology enabled learning, and workplace learning
  • Appraise trends and implications in the use of technology and workplace learning
  • Examine assumptions of uses of technology for learning and workplace learning
  • Design technology enabled and /or workplace learning
  • Demonstrate competence in facilitating technology enabled and /or workplace learning
  • Evaluate the design and facilitation of technology enabled and /or workplace learning
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