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Issues in Contemporary China (当代中国专题研究)

Issues in Contemporary China (当代中国专题研究) (CCC203)


CCC203 Issues in Contemporary China provides students with a comprehensive analysis of social, political and economic challenges and issues facing China in the twenty-first century. Students will discuss some of the policies the Chinese government has implemented so far to address these issues and challenges, and assess the effectiveness of those policies.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Overview: Stability, development and unity in contemporary China
  • Critical development in Chinese politics
  • Uneven economic development
  • Privatization in China
  • Environmental problems
  • Demography and food production
  • Cross-Straits relations
  • Foreign relations between China and Southeast Asian countries

Learning Outcome

  • 描述当代中国所面临的主要问题以及走势;
  • 确认中国政府国内外所面临的挑战;
  • 讨论中国实行的各类政策,包括农业、工业、商业、教育、科技等各个领域;
  • 阐释中国外交政策,尤其是中美关系、中日关系、中国与东盟的关系等;
  • 展示学生对当代中国的深刻理解;
  • 分析、鉴别涵盖中国的各类信息,深度了解中国的社会。
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