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Executive Action Learning

Executive Action Learning (COR163)


Action Learning (AL) is a problem solving tool that involves people working collaboratively to solve real problems in a holistic way and in the process generate learning opportunities. It is particularly effective for looking closely at seemingly intractable problems which have no known solutions or when the solutions are uncertain. Because learning is socially constructed, learning opportunities arise when team members come together with an open mind, with a disposition to learn and share experiences, and a commitment to tackling the problem. AL not only helps solve problems in a systematic way but also increases learning and performance. In this way it helps build teams, organisations and leadership skills.Attendance at the workshop and seminar is compulsory.

Level: 1
Credit Units: 2.5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Know Your Learning Style
  • Action Learning – History and Evolution
  • The Practical Primacy of Questions in AL and creating Opportunities for Reflection in AL
  • The Basics of Action Learning
  • Real-life Application of AL Principles
  • Reflection in Action Learning

Learning Outcome

  • Identify the main components of an Action Learning process
  • List situations in which Action Learning principles can be applied
  • Describe the ground rules, guidelines and norms of behaviour in the practice of Action Learning
  • Describe the different types of question technique
  • Apply the different questioning techniques
  • Comment on assumptions about problems and their contexts
  • Interpret a problem by framing the inquiry process with questions
  • Demonstrate collaborative learning by means of 7-Dimension of Learning framework
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