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Counselling Processes and Practice

Counselling Processes and Practice (COU108)


COU108 encapsulates Egan's The Skilled Helper Model in helping clients identify and explore problem situations, identify and explore unused opportunities, set problem-managing and opportunity-developing goals, develop action plans to accomplish these goals, implement plans, and engage in ongoing evaluation of this entire process.

Level: 1
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • An Overview of the Porblem-Management Process
  • Stage IA: Help Clients Tell Their Stories
  • Stage I: Task IB: The Real Story; Task IC: The Right Story
  • Stage II: Designing the Future; Task IIA: Possibilities for a Better Future
  • Stage II: Task IIB: Goals, Outcomes, Impact; and Task IIC: Commitment
  • Stage III: Planning the Way Forward

Learning Outcome

  • Summarise the three stages in Egan's Skilled Helper Model
  • Delineate the specific tasks in the three stages of the model
  • Articulate the techniques and skills pertinent in the three stages
  • Examine the importance of building a therapeutic helping relationship
  • Demonstrate the skills used in accomplishing the tasks in the three stages
  • Evaluate one's use of techniques and skills in the counselliing relationship
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