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Practicum 3: Specialised Counselling Skills

Practicum 3: Specialised Counselling Skills (COU491)

Applications Open: To be confirmed

Applications Close: To be confirmed

Next Available Intake: To be confirmed

Course Types: To be confirmed

Language: English

Duration: 6 months

Fees: To be confirmed

Area of Interest: Social Services

Schemes: To be confirmed

Funding: To be confirmed

School/Department: S R Nathan School of Human Development


Practicum 3 aims at strengthening the practice skills of the students and helping them to develop their own individualised style in counselling. The course also aims to develop in the students some degree of specialisation in terms of counselling models. Individual and group supervision will be offered.

Level: 4
Credit Units: 10
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Desired Learning Outcomes
  • Preparation for Practicum
  • Starting the Practicum
  • Nature and Scope of Practicum
  • Professional Conduct and Development Activities
  • Assessment of Practicum
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisors
  • Specialised Counselling Skills
  • Making Referrals
  • Ethical Guidelines for Professional Counsellors
  • Parent Rights and Responsibilities
  • Respnsibilities to Self and Colleagues

Learning Outcome

  • Appraise specialised counselling skills for different client groups (B4)
  • Assess client’s needs based on specialised knowledge and data collection (B6)
  • Debate how counsellor and client factors can enhance or impede the therapeutic alliance (B4)
  • Critique ethical issues that may emerge in the counselling process before making any ethical decision (B6)
  • Prioritise client needs in formulating intervention plans (B5)
  • Evaluate cultural, social and individual differences with sensitivity (B6)
  • Formulate realistic counselling goals in collaboration with clients (B5)
  • Experiment with novel strategies in dealing with difficult and resistant clients (B4)
  • Select appropriate therapeutic tools to assess client’s needs and problems (B6)
  • Modify intervention plans to address changing needs of clients (B5)
  • Evaluate the practicum experience to give constructive feedback (B6)
  • Propose changes to improve the practicum experience (B5)
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