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Supervised Practicum 1

Supervised Practicum 1 (COU608)


COU608 Supervised Practicum I is a compulsory supervised practicum, with the aim to help students to gain more clinical experience by providing them with opportunities to integrate theory and practice and person of the therapist under close supervision. This new revised 180-hour supervised practicum comprises: (1) 132 hours of Direct Client Contact. This is broken down into components as Independent Counselling Contact, Individual Supervision, Group Supervision, Live Supervision (LS) and Reflecting Team (RT). (2) 48 hours of Non-Direct Client Contact. This is broken down into Field Liaison Hours (Minimum of 8 hours), Practicum Seminar (Minimum of 10 hours), Indirect Services &/Case Management (minimum of 15 hours) and Documentation (minimum of 15 hours) Revised Format with two students with one supervisor using LS/RT for Direct Client Contact: 73 hours of Independent Counselling Contact, 5 hours of Individual Supervision and 54 hours of LS & RT. Revised Format with three students with one supervisor using LS/RT for Direct Client Contact: 44 hours of Independent Counselling Contact, 4 hours of Individual Supervision and 84 hours of LS & RT.

Level: 6
Credit Units: 10
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


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Learning Outcome

  • Appraise relevant models, theories, and skills relevant to counselling goals and process in local contexts.
  • Critique salient ethical and contextual (social-economic, political, and spiritual etc.) considerations in counselling.
  • Evaluate impact of foundational knowledge in human behavior, social systems, and multicultural competence, inclusive of value and respect of human dignity and diversity in all its forms.
  • Deconstruct professional identity and interpersonal values which support and inform relations with others (e.g., multi-disciplinary team, clients, peers etc.), that include self-awareness, compassion, genuineness, and a commitment to social justice.
  • Examine the impact of person of the therapist via self-, individual and group supervision.
  • Formulate professional practice in accordance with professional ethical standards of Singapore Association of Counselling.
  • Select relevant theories and skills relevant to serving the local clientele.
  • Plan appropriate engagement of clientele according to their developmental needs and social contexts.
  • Design comprehensive assessment according to the background, history, and specific bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs of the clientele.
  • Recommend effective interventions to relieve the psychosocial issues of clientele.
  • Construct evaluation and termination with clientele meticulously and systematically.
  • Prepare to provide feedback to peers in group supervision and/or multidisciplinary teams.
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