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Study Mission

Study Mission (CSD525)

Applications Open: To be confirmed

Applications Close: To be confirmed

Next Available Intake: To be confirmed

Course Types: To be confirmed

Language: English

Duration: 6 months

Fees: To be confirmed

Area of Interest: Humanities & Social Sciences

Schemes: To be confirmed

Funding: To be confirmed

School/Department: S R Nathan School of Human Development


CSD525 gives students the opportunity to develop independent study skills through a study mission that may take the form of a trip to another country. Relevant data and insights gained from the trip may be incorporated into the final thesis. Students will be responsible for all logistical aspects of the trip, including financial expenses. The trip is expected to be from seven to ten days in duration. Students who propose trips shorter than seven days will need prior approval from the main lecturer of the course. Students who cannot travel but wish to develop independent study skills in a similar way may propose an alternative project to develop a case study either of a local context or another country through interactive research, including interviews (online and face-to-face). In lieu of the trip, students proposing this alternative must spend the full-time equivalent of at least ten days on the virtual study mission.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester (one year course)


  • To be identified jointly by students and study mission advisors (supervisors)

Learning Outcome

  • Organize primary data obtained from a study mission to a different country.
  • Evaluate the research experience in terms of methodological effectiveness.
  • Analyze the research findings obtained from the study mission.
  • Assess the research activities and findings of a study mission.
  • Construct a research plan for a field study
  • Propose appropriate field research strategies
  • Collect data in a coherent manner
  • Relate data to research objectives
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