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Understanding English Grammar (CTI107)

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Course Types: Modular Undergraduate Course

Language: English

Duration: 6 months

Fees: To be confirmed

Area of Interest: Linguistics and Languages

Schemes: To be confirmed

Funding: To be confirmed


This course introduces students to the grammatical structure of the English Language. Through examining the structure and patterns of English grammar, students will familiarise themselves with key grammatical concepts and understand form and function in grammar. The objectives of the course are to: enable students to understand and use grammar effectively; enable students to be equipped with the skills to understand and analyse sentence structures; enable students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of English grammar. At the end of the course, students will have a clear understanding of grammar and this will facilitate them in grammar-related studies such as translation, interpretation studies and error analysis.

Level: 1
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Introduction to Grammar & Sentences
  • Clause
  • The Verb Phrase
  • The Noun Phrase
  • Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Adverbials, Prepositions
  • Word Formation

Learning Outcome

  • Identify grammar concepts and terms at word, phrase, clause and sentence levels. (B1)
  • Solve problems arising from errors in grammar. (B3)
  • Illustrate the strength, flexibility and variety of English language. (B3)
  • Define the structure of English sentences. (B1)
  • Describe English words according to their grammatical functions. (B2)
  • Explain functions of words, phrases, clauses and sentences. (B2)
  • Demonstrate competence in handling English texts. (B3)
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