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Media/Multimedia Translation

Media/Multimedia Translation (CTI204)


This course trains students in the methods and techniques of translating media and multimedia materials from English to Chinese and vice versa. It provides a conceptual framework for understanding the nature of different types of media (e.g., print media, TV, radio, movies and new media). Students learn to translate news by analysing the characteristics of news, featured stories and press releases, and applying appropriate strategies techniques to translate them. Students explore the differences between traditional media and new media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, video-streaming) so as to be able to adapt their translation strategies and techniques when working with new media and multimedia materials. A special emphasis will be placed on the socio-cultural and political backgrounds of these materials. Topics such as trans-editing and trans-creation are explored. Examples will be drawn from the latest news and media materials covering a wide range of topics such as geopolitics, international relations, economy, arts, fashion, and culture.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Characteristics of Media/Multimedia
  • Understanding Digital Communication
  • Translation of News
  • Translation of Press Release
  • Translation of News Flash and Leads
  • Translation of New Media
  • Webpage Translation
  • Audio-visual Translation
  • Subtitling
  • Trans-editing
  • Trans-creation
  • Post-editing

Learning Outcome

  • Recognise the common features of Chinese and English media
  • Analyse the techniques used in translating various components of news media
  • Examine the differences among conventional media, new media and multimedia
  • Develop an understanding of various types of media/multimedia materials and their functions
  • Execute the translation of various types of media/multimedia materials from English to Chinese and vice versa accurately and speedily
  • Examine the practices of trans-editing, trans-creation and post-editing and show competence in translating media/multimedia materials using these skills
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