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Current Issues in Curriculum Development and Implementation

Current Issues in Curriculum Development and Implementation (ECE305)

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Language: English

Duration: 6 months

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School/Department: S R Nathan School of Human Development


An understanding of curriculum theory and its implementation is essential for the early childhood professional. There are many differing organizational and cultural contexts of early childhood and these differ also according the age range of service provision. Current models of curriculum existing in early childhood centres in Singapore will be reviewed critically. Students need to be able to understand and apply the principles of curriculum development. As a reflective and critical practitioner they need to be able to make provision for the children in many diverse cultures of Singapore. In addition, there are many contemporary curriculum issues that are important considerations for curriculum design, including: attachment theory, the primary caregiver concept and continuity in curriculum design.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • What does the term curriculum mean to various stakeholders in early childhood today?
  • Towards a philosophy of sound curriculum
  • Interpreting, developing and evaluating educational aims and objectives as these apply to curricula content
  • Differences between aims and objectives of curriculum
  • Measuring outcomes in early childhood curriculum
  • The perceived, intended and actual curriculum
  • Curriculum for the various age groups
  • Transition from nursery into the preschool, family grouping
  • Evaluation of local curricula
  • Quality and accreditation issues in early childhood curriculum
  • Other curriculum models
  • Current research related to early childhood curriculum

Learning Outcome

  • Examine the contemporary perspectives, approaches and issues in early childhood curriculum development
  • Relate how the principles of curriculum development and contemporary theories of children’s development are put into practice
  • Apply educational objectives to relate learning to outcomes-based education
  • Use the link between the centre’s philosophy and practices in all areas of responsibility
  • Propose curriculum approaches for the local context
  • Plan a curriculum that builds on children’s competencies
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