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Leisure and Attractions Management

Leisure and Attractions Management (EMT407)


EMT407 Leisure and Attractions Management will enable students to study the nature of leisure and visitor attractions, and the various forms attractions may take. It provides an opportunity to assess economic, environmental, social and technical issues, key trends and challenges faced by leisure and visitor attractions operators, and the contribution of the various management disciplines of marketing, human resource and operational management to meeting these challenges.

Level: 4
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Types of Leisure and Attractions
  • Role and Nature of Leisure and Attractions
  • Key Stakeholders in the Leisure and Attractions Industry
  • Development of Leisure and Attractions
  • Management of Leisure and Attractions
  • Leisure and Attractions Sales and Marketing
  • Policy and Strategies to Develop the Leisure and Attractions Industry
  • Case study: Singapore Tourism Board and Places of Interests in Singapore
  • Case study: World Heritage Sites (Natural)
  • Case study: World Heritage Sites (Cultural)
  • Economic, Environmental, Social and Technical Issues
  • Trends and Challenges

Learning Outcome

  • Compare places of leisure and attractions
  • Recommend policies and strategies to develop the leisure and attractions industry
  • Appraise the economic, environmental, social and technical issues of leisure attractions
  • Analyze attraction needs
  • Organize and manage leisure and visitor attractions, leisure sales and marketing
  • Formulate strategies to effectively manage places of leisure and attraction
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