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Film Festival Internship

Film Festival Internship (FLM366)

Applications Open: 01 May 2024

Applications Close: 15 June 2024

Next Available Intake: July 2024

Course Types: Modular Undergraduate Course

Language: English

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $1391.78 View More Details on Fees

Area of Interest: Digital Media

Schemes: Alumni Continuing Education (ACE)

Funding: To be confirmed

School/Department: School of Humanities & Behavioural Sciences


FLM366 Film Festival Internship provides students with a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in the running of a large-scale film festival. Students will choose either the Singapore Chinese Film Festival, which is spearheaded by SUSS’s Centre for Chinese Studies, or one of the film festivals organised by the Singapore Film Society (examples include the European Film Festival and the Japanese Film Festival). Students will work under the supervision of a film festival team leader and report to the Centre for Chinese Studies or the Singapore Film Society, depending on the festival. Interns will join the respective festival teams and be involved in aspects such as programme curation, editorial work, marketing, public/audience outreach, data management, test screenings, guest liaison, front-of-house, and other operations work. Important notes: 1. Students must contact the HoP first to find out more about the internship before applying. Students who apply without contacting the HoP to determine eligibility will be withdrawn from the course. 2. Students must be prepared to commit three months to the festival—typically two months pre-festival and one month for festival and post-festival work, which includes attending meetings. 3. The internship period may be outside of the regular SUSS terms, and so students should check the film festival calendar beforehand and plan their schedules carefully. Registration is tagged to the semester in which the festival ends. 4. Depending on the festival, students may work with heads of industry organisations and diplomatic missions, so strong language and communication skills are an asset. 5. Students who choose the Singapore Chinese Film Festival must be fluent in both English and Mandarin (speaking, reading, and writing). 6. Students’ performance will be graded Pass or Fail.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • The role and importance of film festivals
  • Funding and sponsorship for film festivals
  • Conceptualising the film festival
  • Programming: Sourcing and curating films
  • Regulatory approval and certification
  • Working with filmmakers and festival partners
  • Editorial work: Designing and writing the programme guide
  • Public relations, marketing, and audience outreach
  • Film festival logistics, operations, and venue management
  • Hospitality and front-of-house
  • Information and data management
  • Reflecting on the film festival

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate understanding of the focus and role of the film festival.
  • Examine and reflect on the film festival and the internship.
  • Operate independently and in teams to support the film festival.
  • Plan and assist in activities and events for the film festival (virtual and physical).
  • Analyse and process information and research related to the film festival.
  • Prepare content for editorial, marketing, public/audience relations, and other aspects involved with running the film festival.
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