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Ageing and Society: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective

Ageing and Society: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective (GER301)


GER301 Ageing and Society: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective is a compulsory course designed to highlight the new paradigm for ageing. In the golden age of ageing, the student can learn a wide range of subjects beyond the previous thought of ageing as an immutable biological process. These topics include integrated care support and services, re-definition of roles of older adults, policy issues and economic implications. It will take a practical and experiential learning approach where students can learn cases outside of the classroom to appreciate the different perspectives.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • Global ageing landscape and issues
  • Ageing and its impact in the society
  • Ageing, Families and Gender
  • Multi-disciplinary perspectives of ageing
  • Life-span theories and concepts
  • Health and well-being in ageing
  • Technology development and ageing
  • Opportunities in the Longevity economy
  • Care for the aged
  • Quality of Life among older adults
  • Financial preparation and aged care
  • Future of care for older adults

Learning Outcome

  • Apply the life-span concept through a multi-disciplinary perspective.
  • Show how longevity economy transforms the society and economic activity.
  • Indicate the perspective and narrative of subject areas on ageing which is an interplay of disciplines including aspects of biological, health, policy, satisfaction, respect and dignity.
  • Analyse and compare the latest developments in the policy and practices in coping with the new trends of gerontology from the different disciplines.
  • Critique the theories, concepts and issues concerning challenges and issues resulting from the new longevity economy.
  • Develop appropriate strategies to improve quality of life among older adults in the society.
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