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Financial Planning and Retirement Management

Financial Planning and Retirement Management (GER514)


GER514 Financial Planning and Retirement Management is in response to the urgency to prepare individual and management staff to think of the financial and retirement planning. It covers ageing and economics, financial and retirement issues, the concepts of personal financial planning for retirement, the preparation of pre, during and post retirement from an individual and Human resources perspective, etc. The impact of an ageing population on the composition and possible shrinking of the labour force, productivity concerns, resources needed for upgrading of skills, and tax burden on the working populace are addressed. National policies regarding lifelong learning e.g. SkillsFuture framework, support for older workers to continue working e.g. Workfare, and incentives for employees to work beyond age 62 would be examined and analysed for effectiveness.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • The economics of Ageing
  • Global views on financial and retirement models
  • Ageing and Financial planning
  • Ageing and retirement planning
  • Personal financial planning for Retirement
  • Human Resources in Retirement planning
  • Examples of Pre-retirement, Retirement and Post-retirement
  • Transition models in retirement: optional/ progressive retirement
  • Employment and Re-employment in Old Age
  • Skillsfuture and Employment
  • Central Provident Fund and Ageing issues
  • Case studies

Learning Outcome

  • Analyse and explain the concepts of financial planning and retirement management
  • Differentiate various models on pre-retirement, retirement and post-retirement models in different countries
  • Examine the importance of financial planning and strategies on older persons
  • Compare different retirement management policies
  • Formulate a financial and retirement plan for individual and Human Resources perspective
  • Appraise the current financial, re-employment and retirement options
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