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Managing and Measuring Human Capital Projects

Managing and Measuring Human Capital Projects (HCM549)


HCM549 Managing and Measuring Human Capital Projects integrates three critical areas in human capital management: project management, human capital metrics, and predictive analytics. The first part of the course provide students with instruction in the fundamentals of project management, integrating insights derived from project management in other fields to elevate HCM practice. This section of the course details the complete project management process, from preparation and initiation to execution, administration, and quantitative evaluation of impact. In terms of evaluation via metrics, particular attention is paid to the need to isolate effects and attribute causality. In the latter part of the course, evaluation of HCM projects via metrics segues into the use of HCM data for predictive purposes. This part of the course covers HR information systems, important analytic techniques, data and variable types, and illuminating case studies in predictive analytics, before concluding with a discussion of the ethics and limitations of HCM metrics and analytics.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Human capital management project scenarios
  • Human capital management projects: preparation and initiation
  • Human capital management projects: execution and administration
  • Managing in a global environment
  • The comprehensive project stakeholder management approach
  • Data-led planning, measurement, and evaluation
  • Measuring impact
  • Isolation, attribution, proof, and monetisation
  • HR information systems and data
  • Predictive analysis strategies
  • Case studies in predictive analytics
  • Reflections on HR analytics: usage, ethics, and limitations

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss typical human capital project scenarios and describe key considerations during the preparation, initiation, and execution phases.
  • Analyse human capital project management skills, competencies, approaches, and stakeholders.
  • Appraise methods and metrics for measuring the effectiveness of human capital projects and interventions.
  • Propose solutions intended to address human capital issues on organisations.
  • Design human capital projects with clear objectives that are aligned with human capital and organisational strategy.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of human capital projects and quantify their contribution to organisational performance.
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