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Patent Claims

Patent Claims (IPM527)


IPM527 Patent Claims prepares students to sit for the Singapore Patent Agent Qualifying Examination Paper A: Preparation of a Patent Specification. The course covers defining the inventive concept, drafting patent claims and following up with actions in relation to patent claims.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Review Patentability-Related Legislation, Regulations and Case Law in Singapore
  • Qualifying Criteria for Patentability
  • Patentable Subject Matter & Industrial Applicability
  • Novelty
  • Inventive Step in Singapore and Other Key Jurisdictions
  • Identifying Inventive Concept
  • Determining and Addressing Commercial Considerations for Patent Claim-Sets
  • Drafting Independent Claims
  • Drafting Dependent Claims for Prosecution Fall-back Positions
  • Patent Claim Drafting for Singapore and Other Key Jurisdictions
  • Utilising Special Claim Formats for Different Technologies
  • Follow-up with Relevant Stakeholders

Learning Outcome

  • Examine patent claiming in Singapore and other key jurisdictions
  • Evaluate commercial considerations for patent claims
  • Analyse the qualifying criteria for patentability of claims
  • Evaluate good practices when drafting patent claims
  • Prepare independent patent claims to capture scope of the inventive concept
  • Construct dependent claims in consideration of prosecution fall-back positions
  • Draft patent claim-sets to address commercial considerations.
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