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Patent Analytics and IP Governance

Patent Analytics and IP Governance (IPM579)


IPM579 Patent Analytics and IP Governance aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to gain insights into global IP developments, IP governance, and convert patent analytics into IP intelligence to make informed decisions (e.g. patent network analysis, patent map analysis, AI applications in IP). Leveraging on the results from patent analytics, students will develop the ability to evaluate and provide recommendations on the development of IP that are in line with the strategic directions set by their organisations. The course comprises two major components: patent analytics and IP governance. Utilising patent visualisation and deployment as the starting point, students will employ patent network analysis and IP intelligence to make strategic decisions, such as for R&D and co-opetition. In addition, students will assess the use of AI in patent analysis and develop an awareness on how legal technology can influence future directions in the development of IP for diverse business scenarios. Students will work on issues utilising a consulting approach to conduct patent analyses and make strategic recommendations to resolve complex and real-world business problems. Lastly, students will leverage on global IP developments and governance trends to formulate long-term strategies.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Role of IP in the international economic system
  • Global IP development and governance
  • IP asset and market transformation
  • Difficulties in industrial upgrading in Asia
  • Deployment with Patent Analytics
  • Micro-Reading and Technology-Function Matrix
  • Uncover corporate innovation with patent analysis
  • Patent Network Analysis
  • How IP Intelligence impacts decision making in business strategies
  • AI applications in IP
  • Rise of legal technology
  • Visualisation of Patent Analytics: Patent Maps

Learning Outcome

  • Examine trends in global IP development and governance
  • Analyse the impact of IP governance on business operations
  • Evaluate potential business and practical issues related to the exploitation of IP rights based on patent analytics results
  • Assess the potential impact of IP governance in different stages of economic development
  • Formulate cross-border strategies for exploitation and IP intelligence based on the outcome of patent analytics
  • Appraise the impact of IP Intelligence for the purpose of decision making
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