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Life Cycle Analysis for Systems and Programs in Aviation/Aerospace

Life Cycle Analysis for Systems and Programs in Aviation/Aerospace (MGMT422)

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Language: English

Duration: 6 months

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System theory and its relationship to aviation/ aerospace systems management are stressed. The course explores a brief history of system theory and system life cycle, and presents the major activities in each phase of a system's life cycle. Also emphasized are specific topics related to system design and support, including reliability, maintainability, availability, testing, quality control, customer support, product improvement program analysis and the role of data collection and analysis in the operational phase. Related areas covered are cost effectiveness analysis and project management. Applications and case studies specific to aviation/aerospace, including military applications and computer simulation models, will be analyzed.

Level: 4
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester
E-Learning: - Learning is done MAINLY online using interactive study materials in Canvas. Students receive guidance and support from online instructors via discussion forums and emails. This is supplemented with SOME face-to-face sessions. If the course has an exam component, this will be administered on-campus. To be confirmed


  • Introduction to Systems
  • The Systems Engineering Process
  • Conceptual System Design
  • Preliminary System Design
  • Integrating System Elements with System Design
  • Design for Reliability
  • Design for Maintainability
  • Human Factors in Design
  • Utilization and Support Phase
  • Design for Productibility and Disposal
  • Life Cycle Costing

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the role of life cycle systems and program analysis through a logistics engineering perspective within the aviation/aerospace industry and address major contributors to the body of knowledge.
  • Describe and demonstrate the various decision making techniques used by life cycle managers.
  • Appraise those factors and processes involved in the management of life cycle systems and program design with a logistics engineering orientation.
  • Describe the nature and techniques of life cycle systems and program planning.
  • Explain operating and controlling life cycle systems and programs through life cycle costing, life cycle economics, and life cycle optimization decision theory.
  • Discuss the importance of quality assurance of life cycle systems and programs within organizations, and employ the methods and techniques for controlling quality utilizing a Total Quality Management methodology.
  • Evaluate the operational factors concerned with the employment of a life cycle analysis process within an organization.
  • Analyze a topic or issue of significance to the role of life cycle systems and program analysis. The results and conclusions of the analysis will be reported in a research paper.
  • Demonstrate an ability to locate, retrieve, and analyze aviation life cycle systems and programs related reference materials from the Hunt Memorial
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