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Applied Organisational Psychology

Applied Organisational Psychology (MGT575)


MGT575 Applied Organisational Psychology covers the latest theories and research on how individuals, teams, and organisations behave in different circumstances. The course provides a thorough grasp of workplace interactions and how they may affect organisational success. The emphasis is on the application of psychological theories and models to real-world problems. Topics include research methods in organisational psychology; professional practice of work and organisational psychology; the psychology of motivation, job satisfaction and organisational commitment; safety, stress, and health at work; managing change, culture, and diversity; and the future of work with artificial intelligence. This course will be taught using a team-based learning approach – a combination of pre-class reading, content delivery, individual field work and teamwork for in-class case studies. Students from Master of Management programme who want to take a specisalisation track in Organisational Psychology will be required to take this course and attain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 2.5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Organisational Psychology, Culture and Diversity
  • Group Behaviour, Teams, and Conflict
  • Motivation, Job Satisfaction, and Organisational Commitment
  • Theories of Stress at Work
  • Burnout Sources and Predictors
  • Managing Stress: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Interventions

Learning Outcome

  • Appraise organisational psychology theories
  • Compare the differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary wellbeing interventions
  • Evaluate how organisational psychology theories apply to real world situations
  • Critique theoretical models of job satisfaction and evaluate how they apply to wellbeing
  • Demonstrate how people can cope with stress
  • Propose practical recommendations to solve workplace problems
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