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Sales Management

Sales Management (MKT352)


MKT352 Sales Management covers the complex and challenging responsibilities of sales management in the 21st century. The course structure covers: (1) formulation of the sales programme where the planning of the sales involves an integration with other elements in the marketing strategy; 2) implementation of the sales programme which involves selection, training, development and compensation; and 3) evaluation and control of the sales programme to ensure proper monitoring and evaluation of sales force performance.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Introduction to Sales Management and its Evolving Roles
  • Managing Ethics in a Sales Environment
  • Customer Relationship Management and Building Partnerships
  • The Selling Process
  • Sales Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Sales Force Planning and Organising
  • Time and Territory Management
  • Recruiting and Selecting the Sales Force
  • Training the Sales Force
  • Sales Force Leadership
  • Sales Force Motivation
  • Sales Force Compensation
  • Sales Volume, Costs, and Profitability Analysis
  • Sales Force Performance Evaluation

Learning Outcome

  • Distinguish the responsibilities and evolving roles of sales management
  • Examine sales and sales management strategies in relation to current legal and ethical standards of practice
  • Develop a plan for organising, staffing and training a sales force
  • Discuss budgeting for sales force planning
  • Distinguish between the skills required for selling and sales management
  • Discuss the key factors in establishing and maintaining high morale in the sales force
  • Develop an effective sales compensation plan
  • Organise sales territories to maximise selling effectiveness
  • Evaluate the performance of a sales person
  • Apply sales management principles and practices to real and hypothetical situations
  • Contrast the role of marketing and sales management theories to compete effectively in the business environment
  • Develop course competence through discussions
  • Demonstrate the essential knowledge and interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team
  • Show written proficiency
  • Prepare oral presentations in areas related to sales management
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