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Case Studies in Marketing Management

Case Studies in Marketing Management (MKT364)


MKT364 Case Studies in Marketing Management covers the real-life applications of concepts learned in marketing. Case studies are used to illustrate how marketing programmes are planned and executed in both large and small companies. It will allow the student to explore the process of marketing decision-making and strategy development as well as enhance the ability to apply marketing theory to a wide range of problems. Analytical techniques are also stressed to give students the opportunity to identify problems and find solutions.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • New Challenges for Market-Driven Strategy
  • Markets and Competitive Space
  • Strategic Market Segmentation
  • Strategic Customer Management: Systems, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
  • Market Targeting and Strategic Positioning
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Innovation and New-Product Strategy
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Value Chain Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Promotion, Advertising, and Sales Promotion Strategies
  • Sales Force, Internet, and Direct Marketing Strategies
  • Designing Market-Driven Organizations
  • Marketing Strategy Implementation and Control

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate an in-depth and practical knowledge of key marketing concepts, theories and techniques for analysing different marketing situations
  • Apply marketing theory to a range of marketing opportunities and challenges
  • Evaluate alternative solutions to marketing problems
  • Recommend marketing strategies that align external marketing opportunities with the core competencies of the firm
  • Combine knowledge gained in other marketing courses to marketing management
  • Propose appropriate decision outcomes based on the application of the marketing mix
  • Prepare a marketing plan
  • Analyse a real life company situation and to propose appropriate solutions and recommendations
  • Draw selectively from the toolkit of marketing concepts and analytical tools and then, formulate actionable marketing plans, including marketing strategies and appropriate marketing mix policies
  • Organise information and apply them to particular marketing scenarios
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Defend and justify proposals for marketing plans and actions
  • Create and deliver effective presentations
  • Demonstrate group-work, questioning and listening skills
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