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Independent Study

Independent Study (MKT588)

Applications Open: 01 October 2023

Applications Close: 15 November 2023

Next Available Intake: January 2024

Course Types: To be confirmed

Language: English

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $2200

Area of Interest: Business Administration

Schemes: To be confirmed

Funding: To be confirmed

School/Department: School of Business


MKT588 Independent Study is a capstone course in which a student will work on a selected academic endeavour with the direct supervision from an academic supervisor. The purpose of this course is to promote interdisciplinarity and encourage creativity by stimulating students to think across boundaries. In this project, students need to integrate their thoughts, skills and knowledge from different disciplines, i.e., digital marketing and analytics (or design and innovation) within one academic endeavour. The academic endeavour could be in any approved form, such as a research project, a mini applied project or a short internship stint. Any academic endeavour chosen by the student must first be approved by the school and supervised by the academic supervisor. The assessment will consist of an OCAS component (50% of total course marks) as well as an OES component (50% of total course marks).

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • Problem Identification
  • Consolidate extent research to appraise the issue identified
  • Analyse the issue
  • Elaborate how analytics or design and innovation can be applied to solve a digital marketing
  • Recommend courses of actions
  • Conclusion

Learning Outcome

  • Apply appropriate knowledge and techniques learnt in the curriculum to the academic endeavour
  • Assess the efficacy of different alternatives
  • Synthesize thoughts, knowledge and skills from different disciplines to approach an issue
  • Set up a systematic framework to address the issue at hand
  • Construct various forms of communication materials such as written reports, presentations and etc
  • Demonstrate independent thinking and analytical judgement
  • Propose actionable strategies to solve a problem
  • Formulate creative and innovative digital marketing solutions that render competitive advantages
  • Apply specialized software or digital tools to execute the project
  • Prioritize key issues and have a good project management
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