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Blockchain in Business

Blockchain in Business (MOC002)

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Course: Blockchain in BusinessLink: https://emeritus.gsb.columbia.eduCredit Value: 5 cuDuration: 8 weeks, 4 to 6 hours per weekTotal Learning Hours: Minimum 32 hoursCost: USD1,950Blockchain and cryptocurrencies claim the headlines in the media, leaving business leaders with the challenge of distinguishing between what’s hype versus what has the power to transform an entire industry. The Blockchain in Business: Beyond the Hype program allows you to break through the mystery, offering a practical understanding of blockchain by examining both its opportunities and challenges. Over the course of this program, you will learn how cryptocurrencies work and how the underlying blockchain technology could impact your organization and industry. You’ll delve into the history, evolution, and real-world applications of blockchain with an eye towards how these technologies influence executive decision making.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: -


  • Technical Foundations: Distributed Consensus, Hash Functions, and Cryptography
  • What is Money? Introduction to Bitcoin
  • How Bitcoin Uses Blockchain: Intro to Blockchain and Transaction Fees
  • Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and Tokens
  • Applications of Blockchain: Governance Challenges, Opportunities, and Incentives & Permissioned Enterprise Blockchains (IBM)
  • Blockchain for the Executive Decision Maker and the Future of Blockchain

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and history of the burgeoning blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies in business
  • Identify real-world opportunities and limitations of blockchain technology and practical applications in business
  • Ask the right questions and make more informed decisions about the role that blockchain technology may play in business
  • Explore the complex issues surrounding the governance of blockchains
  • Take a “big-picture” view of blockchain and cryptocurrencies tailored for the executive decision-maker
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