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Sustainable Innovation for Subsistence Marketplaces

Sustainable Innovation for Subsistence Marketplaces (MOC007)

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Language: English

Duration: 6 months

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School/Department: School of Business


Course: Sustainable Innovation for Subsistence MarketplacesLink: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Business AdministrationWebsite: https://www.coursera.orgDuration: 4 weeks, 10 to 12 hours per weekTotal Learning Hours: Minimum 40 hoursCost: Self-paced, USD49 per monthThis course focuses on understanding subsistence marketplaces and designing business solutions for the billions of people living in poverty in the global marketplace. To develop understanding of subsistence marketplaces, we use exercises to enable participants to view the world from the eyes of subsistence consumers and entrepreneurs, facilitate bottom‐up understanding generated by participants, and provide insights from extensive research. More broadly, the course uses the context of extreme resource constrained contexts to learn about the bottom-up approach pioneered through the Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative and apply it in any context. The course will involve virtual immersion in subsistence contexts, emersion of unique insights, bottom-up design, innovation and enterprise. A parallel project will focus on understanding a specific need in a subsistence marketplace and designing a solution and an enterprise plan.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 1
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  • Introduction to Subsistence Marketplaces and Bottom-Up Immersion
  • Bottom-Up Immersion and Emersion
  • Bottom-Up Design
  • Bottom-Up Enterprise

Learning Outcome

  • Develop an understanding of subsistence marketplaces
  • Design solutions for subsistence marketplaces
  • Develop enterprise plans to implement solutions for subsistence marketplaces
  • Apply the bottom-up approach for subsistence marketplaces as well as other contexts
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