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Advanced Audio Music Technology

Advanced Audio Music Technology (MTD309)


In MTD309, students would explore the state of the art in audio music technologies. They would acquire and then subsequently combine their knowledge of basic music theory and computer software technologies to generate a computer-generated singing voice to sing an originally composed song, and then create music to complement that computer-generated singing voice.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Fundamentals of audio music technology
  • Music notations
  • Musical terms
  • Time and key signature
  • Clefts
  • Connecting the digital keyboard to digital audio workstation
  • Intervals and inverting intervals
  • Transposing music
  • Describing chords
  • Tonic and dominant triads
  • Cadence
  • Digital audio music recording

Learning Outcome

  • Apply knowledge of basic music theory to write MIDI-enabled musical score sheets produced by software in the Digital Audio Workstation
  • Discuss fundamental technical concepts used in Audio Music Technology
  • Appraise the performance of MIDI-enabled (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Digital Audio Workstation technology
  • Experiment with computer software to compose and accurately transcribe recorded music to generate MIDI-enabled musical score sheets
  • Create with computer software the sounds of musical instruments (e.g., string instruments, wind instruments, percussive instruments, singing human voice, etc.) to the notes of the MIDI-enabled musical score sheets
  • Compose computer music according to a set theme
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