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Television Studio Production

Television Studio Production (MTD362)


MTD362 Television Studio Production introduces students to the principles, practices and techniques of a studio-based multi camera workflow. Students will gain a working experience of all roles within this mode of television programme production in a studio. Studio production is a large-scale team effort where timing, skill and discipline coincide with creativity to bring entertainment and information to viewers. Students will learn hands-on what goes into making a television show in a studio. They will be reintroduced to single camera production and its uses in a studio production, perform television interviews, on-camera presentation and combine them while operating a live multi-camera recording in a TV studio.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • Studio Role Familiarization
  • Paperwork – Scripts and Rundowns
  • Studio Setup
  • Role of Director and Hands-on Practice
  • Role of Assistant Director and Hands-on Practice
  • Role of Floor Manager and Hands-on Practice
  • Role of Cameraman and Hands-on practice
  • Role of Vision Mixer and Hands-on practice
  • Role of Video Tape Operator and Hands-on Practice
  • Role of Sound Recordist and Hands-on Practice
  • Studio Rehearsal
  • Shoot and Review

Learning Outcome

  • Identify and gain a practical knowledge of the professional roles and responsibilities involved in studio work
  • Develop and manage projects from a production perspective
  • Relate theoretical knowledge of studio production with practical skills
  • Formulate a range of practical or creative solutions
  • Plan a studio rundown and rehearsal for studio and multi-camera work
  • Create a studio production involving multiple cameras
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