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Governance and Fundraising for Non-Profit Organisations

Governance and Fundraising for Non-Profit Organisations (NPM508)


Focuses on responsible stewardship and financial sustainability by introducing key issues in financial management and governance of non-profit organisations. The course will equip students with financial tools and concepts to effectively manage organisations within the macro framework of economic and social policy. Students will acquire knowledge in principles of finance as well as practical skills in financial statement analysis, financial accounting and reporting, budgeting principles, financial decision making and debt financing. The course also introduces the concepts of accountability and governance in the management of non-profit organisations. Students will understand how board development, processes of governance, structures of accountability and standards of good governance can enable organisations to act in the interests of communities while adhering to the law and standing up to scrutiny. Practical learning experiences, in the form of applying theories and concepts to the complexities and dynamics of organisations, will be facilitated through situational analysis and case studies.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Key concepts of relevance to governance and regulation of a non-profit organisation
  • Principles of finance and budgeting
  • Financial analysis and decision making
  • Principles of budgeting and budgeting practices
  • Principles of accounting and accounting practices
  • Improving board accountability
  • Legal issues and implications

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss key concepts, theories, practices, tools and methodologies relevant to governance and finance
  • Appraise financial statement items and assess the financial health of the organisation
  • Assess the impact of financial management and governance on organisational effectiveness
  • Formulate financial strategies in relation to goals of the organisation
  • Contrast different structures and processes of governance
  • Examine the consequences of governance and accountability on organisational development
  • Apply appropriate tools to make financial decisions
  • Design structures and mechanisms of governance within strategic contexts
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