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Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology (PSY207)


This course covers the physical, cognitive and social development of human beings and the approaches to the scientific study of development. Students will learn about regularities as well as differences in human development across the lifespan, and learn about the interplay between various influences on human development.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Introduction to Human Lifespan Development ; Ways to Think about Human Development
  • Understanding the Family
  • Biological and Environmental Influences on Development
  • Physical Development during the Prenatal Period
  • Cognitive Development
  • Information-Processing and Memory
  • The Conceptualisation of Self and Personality
  • Language Development
  • Human Development and Relationships
  • Gender Role Development

Learning Outcome

  • Describe key milestones and changes in the physical, cognitive and social development of human beings
  • Explain how the different developmental theories contribute to our understanding of human development
  • Apply biological and/or environmental explanations to various aspects of development
  • Illustrate the various stages of development
  • Examine various issues and challenges of different age-groups or stages of development
  • Discuss key theories in developmental psychology such as cognitive development and gender role development
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