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Learning, Training, and Development

Learning, Training, and Development (PSY513)


PSY513 Learning, Training, and Development aims to illustrate the psychologist’s role in organisational learning and development. It will evaluate psychological approaches to learning, training and development in the workplace and cover the role of different mediums for learning and development interventions. The course will also place emphasis on understanding motivation to learn as it applies to employees and examine the concept of lifelong learning in an organisation.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Introduction to the psychology of learning and development
  • Performance, knowledge and skill
  • Individual differences in learning
  • Motivation to learn
  • Training needs analysis
  • Stages and principles of learning
  • Processes of training
  • Learning environments
  • Training media and training contexts
  • Training design and transfer
  • Evaluation of training
  • Contemporary issues and training in practice

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the various theoretical perspectives underpinning effective training
  • Critically appraise how psychology research on learning, training and development is applied in practice
  • Evaluate how learning and training systems can be designed based on an understanding of individual differences in learning and motivation
  • Examine motivation to learn, especially in the context of lifelong learning
  • Apply evaluation methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of learning interventions
  • Develop learning interventions that incorporate both learning theories and experiential learning
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