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Gender and Society

Gender and Society (SOC259)


Gender is one of the most fundamental distinctions that shape social life. This course will examine a variety of sociological approaches to the study of gendered behaviours, structures, and institutions. We will learn about the social practices and processes that create gender distinctions and inequalities, and how social institutions affect women and men in distinct ways. We will also interrogate the influence of gender on areas such as media, family, education, paid employment, care work, emotion, and violence. In addition, we will explore how the effects of gender intersect with race, class, sexuality and other social locations.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Setting the ground – perspectives and framework
  • Social construction of gender
  • Doing gender
  • Intersectionality: gender, race and class
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Women in politics
  • Gender and media
  • Gender and family
  • Gender and education
  • Gender and work
  • Gender and the state
  • Gender and social change

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts, theories, and current debates relating to gender and society
  • Discuss how political, social, and cultural factors contribute to gender distinction and inequalities
  • Examine how gender interacts with other social distinctions in shaping social lives
  • Apply gender analysis to a variety of social issues
  • Analyse strategies for gender equality in various sectors in society
  • Demonstrate skills in communicating gender-related issues and solutions
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