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Social Policy Analysis and Development

Social Policy Analysis and Development (SWK503)


Social Policy Analysis and Development focuses on the development and analysis of social policy highlighting the impact of social policy on people. This involves critical examination of social policies, their goals, values and strategies. Social legislation at the macro level as well as policy implementation and evaluation will also be covered. The international perspectives in social policy and cross national experience in dealing with social problem will be discussed.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • Understanding the history of social welfare and social policy
  • Appreciation of relevance of social work and social policy
  • Discussion on social worker’s role and participation in developing social policies
  • Legislative concepts influencing of social policy
  • Evaluation of historical context of social policy
  • Synthesis of social, political and economic analysis of social policy
  • Assess and address barriers to social policy development and analysis including conflict in values, ethics and professional responsibility
  • Stakeholder engagements and consultations in social policy process
  • Implications of racial, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, cultural and socioeconomic differences for policy development
  • Consideration of international perspectives to influence local social policy making process
  • Contemporary models of social policy thinking such as relational thinking, data analytics, design thinking and behavioural economics
  • Insights into futures thinking and implications to social policy development

Learning Outcome

  • Analyse social policy in terms of its historical content, goals, values, benefits and services provided and methods of finance.
  • Discuss the influence of social-economic factors on planning and the development of social policy.
  • Examine the goals, values and strategies of social planning and social legislation.
  • Appraise the international perspectives in social policy and dealing with social problem.
  • Evaluate recent policy changes and their impact on current services and clients
  • Draft a sample social policy
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