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Strategies for School Social Work

Strategies for School Social Work (SWK563)


Strategies for School Social Work will prepare students for social work practice in the school setting within a community context. This course builds on the knowledge of child development and emphasizes the developing, organizing and administrating school social work programmes. Students will be exposed to special education and knowledge of various disabilities, training in assessment and evaluation process of working with contemporary problems and challenges of students together with intervention techniques that encompass a holistic approach. Planning of effective academic and career development will also be covered.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY 2 YEARS


  • Context for school social work practice
  • Assessment and planning
  • Comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of students
  • Working with schools, families, and communities
  • Issues in school social work

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the school setting in a community context and the problems and challenges facing students.
  • Choose a holistic approach in social work intervention in schools.
  • Plan effective academic and career development.
  • Differentiate the issues in the stages of lifespan development.
  • Assess students with special needs and disabilities.
  • Organize, administer and support school social work programmes.
  • Plan effective academic and career development.
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