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Theoretical Linguistics

Theoretical Linguistics (TLL303)


TLL303 looks at the linguistic aspects of the language form, focusing on language structure or grammar and the system of rules followed by users of a language. It includes the study of phonology, morphology, and syntax. It also covers topics such as the relationship between languages and linguistics, the history of linguistics, descriptive linguistic, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics and computational linguistics.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • மொழியும் மொழியியலும்
  • மொழியியல் வரலாறு
  • வண்ணனை மொழியியல்
  • ஒலியியலும் ஒலியனியலும்
  • உருபனியல்
  • உருபொலியனியல்
  • தொடரியல்
  • மொழியியலில் பொருண்மையியல்
  • வண்ணனை மொழியியலும் வரலாற்று மொழியியலும்
  • ஒப்பீட்டு மொழியியல்

Learning Outcome

  • Formulate basic concepts in the core areas of linguistics: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and morphophonemic. (B5)
  • Distinguish between morphemes, phonemes, and pragmatics. (B4)
  • Analyze historical linguistics, descriptive linguistics, applied linguistics and sociolinguistics. (B4)
  • Illustrate basic approaches and methods of linguistic and language. (B3)
  • Examine key areas in linguistic studies of Tamil. (B4)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the sub-discipline of linguistics (eg. comparative linguistics, applied linguistics etc. (B3)
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