Lifelong Learning Credit

Lifelong Learning Credit (L2C)

$500 to Promote Lifelong Learning among SUSS alumni

SUSS alumni can continue their lifelong learning journey with a scheme – Lifelong Learning Credit (L2C) – whereby $500 will be credited to each alumnus. This credit can be used to offset fees for courses or workhops taken at SUSS. The objective of this scheme is to encourage SUSS alumni to continue upgrading themselves to remain relevant and employable. 

Note: Graduates who successfully complete their final modules in the July 2022 semester will be the last cohort to be eligible for the Lifelong Learning Credit (L2C). The L2C will cease by the end of December 2023 and all unclaimed courses or credits will be forfeited.

1. Who is eligible?

An alumnus is defined as a graduate who has completed a degree programme, conferred by the Singapore University of Social Sciences (formerly SIM University), at the undergraduate or graduate level.


2. How does the scheme work?

An alumnus will be credited with an L2C of $500 as soon as he/she qualifies.

The scheme is applicable up to a maximum of $500 per graduate once in his/her lifetime.


3. What courses can the L2C be used to pay for?

An alumnus can use the L2C to pay for a course or workshop* enrolled under CET.

The course listing is for information and does not constitute a contract. SUSS reserves the right to change, amend, supplement or cancel courses or change the schedule of courses. SUSS further reserves the right to change the curriculum, requirements and policies for a course without notice. This course listing should not be read as a guarantee of the courses set out herein.

Excluded are courses which have been taken in their degree programme. Courses can be at undergraduate or graduate level.

Prevailing rules regarding the award of certificates apply.

It cannot be used to pay the registration, GST and miscellaneous fees.

*Terms and Conditions apply

4. What is the minimum amount that can be utilised?

There is no minimum amount.


5. Can this scheme be combined with the SkillsFuture credit of $500?

Yes. There is no restriction in the order of use.


6. What other terms and conditions are there?

New applicants applying for CET modular courses pay a one-time non-refundable CET registration fee at the prevailing rate of $60.00 before GST. SUSS reserves the right to increase this fee without prior notice. If an applicant has registered for a CET modular course before this scheme, then he/she is not required to pay the registration fee again.

The alumnus must complete at least 50% of the Overall Continuous Assessment (OCAS) of a credit-bearing course or all workshop assessments for funded courses/workshops.

The alumnus must comply with all other requirements of the course or workshop including attendance requirements.


7. When is the last date I can use my credits?

You can use the credits to offset your outstanding CET course fee payment for courses that commence before 30 December 2023.


8. What other terms and conditions are there?

Applicants are required to key in "Claim for L2C" under the "Sponsorship" Column during registration.

NOTE: For this period, with the counter closure, as well as adhering to social distancing, we will require students to make a declaration that documents submitted are true and certified copy, and SUSS has the right to validate them. Failing the validation, or misrepresenting submitted documents may subject to cancellation of registration, withdrawal of courses, and/or even expulsion from course.

Please submit the following documents during online e-application:

  • Coloured NRIC (front and back)
  • 1 recent colour passport-sized photograph


9. Where can I get more information on the scheme?

For more information on CET registration and related matters, please email us at

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