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Workplace Safety and Health​ (CET109)

Applications Open: To be confirmed

Applications Close: To be confirmed

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Course Types: Short Course

Language: English

Duration: 3 days

Fees: To be confirmed

Area of Interest: Management

Schemes: Lifelong Learning Credit (L2C)

Funding: SkillsFuture

(Course is recognised for Workpro Age Management Grant)
Time: 9.00am to 5.30pm

Venue: Singapore University of Social Sciences

Course Objectives

There are two key aspects for this topic: an inclusive and safe workplace as well as a healthy workforce.

With regard to safety, the objectives are (i) to provide participants with an understanding of population ageing and related ageing theories, (ii) to provide participants with an appreciation of the physical and other changes of the ageing worker and the issues in creating an inclusive and safe workplace, and (iii) to provide participants with an understanding of products, systems, software, e-services to meet the needs of the elderly, especially systems that are used in the elderly friendly workplace.

With regard to health, the objectives are to provide participants with (i) an understanding of the need for a sustainable workplace health promotion programme (WHPP) and a healthy work environment at the workplace and (ii) information on available resources. A strong and healthy workforce is a valuable asset to companies. It is thus important that companies keep their workforce, especially mature workers, healthy and productive.

Participants should be able to:

  • Describe the demographic transition and some theories on ageing
  • Discuss the physiological, cognitive and psychological changes due to ageing
  • Discuss the future of an ageing workforce and implications in the workplace
  • Discuss the importance of an inclusive and safe workplace
  • Identify key age-related health issues at the workplace
  • Build a business case for health at the workplace
  • Describe the programme for a holistic approach to health management including mental health
  • Recommend resources such as information and funding support


  • Understanding the older worker
    • Population ageing and ageing theories
    • Physiological changes: Vision, Hearing, Movement
    • Psychological changes: Memory, Attention, Spatial Ability
    • Socioeconomic context of work for the older worker
  • An inclusive and safe workplace
  • Inclusive design principles: adapting the workplace for older workers
  • Guidelines on workplace safety related to older workers
  • Risk factors related to older workers
  • Design for Ageing in the workplace
    • Creating a positive user experience to support older workers
    • Technology and the older worker
    • Case studies and examples
  • Health
  • Age-related health conditions and management
  • Preventive health – early prevention and management
  • Building the business case for the management of workplace health and the implications of ignoring the issue
  • Policies and practices for supporting employee well-being including mental health and work-related stress
  • Absence management policies and practices for preventing and managing ill health including mental health
  • Workplace health promotion programme
  • Sources of information for workplaces

Teaching Faculty

Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Eric Koh, BSc Hons (Product Design); MSc (Human Factors Engineering); MSc Merit (Gerontology) Design Gerontologist & Human Factors Consultant
  • Dr Hsann Yin Maw, MBBS, MMed (Public Health), Principal Epidemiologist, JurongHealth Services
  • Dr Kailasam Manimegalai, MBBS, MPH, Epidemiologist, JurongHealth Services
  • Dr Yang Kok Soong, MBBS, MMed (Public Health), Director & Senior Consultant, Epidemiology, JurongHealth Services

Application Procedures

Please submit the following documents to Y2V0QHN1c3MuZWR1LnNn:

  1. Coloured copy (back and front) of NRIC for Singaporeans and PRs, or "Employment"/"S" Pass for foreign applicant
  2. Recent payslip or income statement (For WTS scheme only)
  3. Application form

Course Fee

International ParticipantsS'poreans and PRsSkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy1Workfare Training Support2Enhanced Training Support for SMEs3
(aged 21 and above)(S'poreans aged 40 and above)(S'poreans aged 35 and above, and earn ≤ $2,000 per month)
Full Course fee (A)$1150$1150$1150$1150$1150
SSG grant (70%) (B)-($805.00)($805.00)($805.00)($805.00)
Nett course fee (A) - (B) = (C)$1150$345.00$345.00
7% GST on nett course fee (D)$80.50$24.15$24.15$24.15$24.15
Total nett course fee payable, including GST (C) + (D) = (E)$1230.50$369.15$369.15$369.15$369.15
Less additional funding if eligible under various schemes (F)--($230.00)($287.50)($230.00)
Total nett course fee payable, including GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes (E) - (F) = (G)$1230.50$369.15$139.15$81.65$139.15

The listed course fees are inclusive of GST.

1 Under the Enhanced Training Support for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Scheme. For more information, click here.
2 Under the SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy. For more information, visit the SkillsFuture website here.
3 Under the Workfare Training Support (WTS) scheme. For more information on the scheme, click here.

Funding Incentives

Course Fee Subsidies

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Singaporean or Permanent Resident (Company or Self Sponsored) aged 21 years old and above
  2. Sponsoring companies must be registered and/or incorporated in Singapore and must fully sponsor the course fee
  3. Participants must:
    • achieve at least 75% attendance
    • complete and pass all required assessments

Participants who fail to meet the above requirements will have to pay for the subsidised course fee.

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