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Graduate Certificate in Design Innovation

Key Highlights

  • First graduate program in Design Innovation offered by SUSS
  • Co-developed by SUSS faculty and professionals
  • Emphasis on both 'knowing how' and 'knowing what and why'
  • Certification in as quickly as one semester

Programme Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Design Innovation (GCDI) balances research and studio practices to enable participants to conceive and produce innovative and socially conscious design solutions and offerings that are useful, usable, desirable and sustainable to society. The emphasis of this programme is on (1) building foundational and theoretical knowledge that enables participants to explain the value of design and support their decisions with sound rationale, and (2) practising design through thinking, making and doing.

The goals of GCDI are to equip graduates with the 'designerly ways of knowing' including its processes, methods, tools and mind-set, and to expand design and non-design practitioners' toolboxes and problem-solving capabilities.

Specifically, GCDI provides a foundational overview of the key stages commonly found in most design frameworks and processes — such as (1) untangling the fuzzy front ends to make sense of social phenomena, (2) synthesizing and communicating shared understanding, and (3) envisioning possibilities through testing and experimentation — and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills to get participants ready for more applied and complex challenges locally and internationally.

GCDI will include learning experiences that provide graduates with the ability to:

  • Discuss related terminology, value of design and the role of designers in contexts;
  •  Demonstrate designerly mind-sets and essential attitudes to approach given challenges;
  •  Choose an appropriate framework to tackle and manage given challenges;
  •  Assess the identified problems and opportunities with needs in mind;
  •  Execute studies to facilitate contextual understanding of problems and opportunities;
  •  Construct ideas through applied creativity, methods, tools and techniques;
  •  Experiment with ideas through rapid iterative cycles, prototyping and testing; and
  •  Illustrate the process and outcome of design with appropriate means.

Programme Structure

Each of the courses in the GCDI program is 5 credit units and can be taken on a stand-alone basis. These courses can be stacked to a Graduate Certificate in Design Innovation upon successful completion of 15 credit units of coursework.

Compulsory Compliance Courses (15 cu)

The minimum program duration is 6 months and the maximum candidature period is 1 year. This is a program with evening (during weekday) or weekend classes. Students can work in the day and study in the evening or over the weekend. Students have to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5 in their coursework as part of the fulfilment of the GCC program.

Find out more about the admission eligibility criteria and tuition fee.



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