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SUSS Graduate Certificate in Organisation and Leadership for Non-Profits (GCOLN)

Key Highlights

  • Become a more effective manager and strategic leader from insights into the dynamics of managing diverse stakeholder groups
  • Expand your stakeholder management skills to shape transformation for your organisation and communities
  • Learn to devise compelling performance measures that will drive your organisation’s strategic progress and results
  • Acquire tools to strengthen corporate social innovation and harness them for shared value creation
  • Sharpen your collaboration skills to form coalitions for positive social impact

Programme Overview

Volunteers are essential stakeholders in non-profit organisations. They participate in the community by helping others outside of their household, family, relatives or friends without expecting financial payments. The board directors of non-profit organisations are another group of volunteers who do not receive monetary incentives for performing corporate governance function. Many non-profits including social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and managers in non-profit organisations depend on volunteers as critical stakeholders to realise their social mission.

In for-profit organisations, employees are encouraged to participate in corporate-led community initiatives as part of organisational corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes. These employees are often also referred to as volunteers. For-profit organisations stand to differentiate themselves from the competition through meaningful community engagement and CSR programmes.

The Graduate Certificate in Organisation & Leadership for Non-profits (GCOLN) is for social entrepreneurs, managers in non-profit organisations, and managers in for-profit organisations responsible for community engagement and CSR programmes. This programme will empower participants to harness diversity across stakeholder groups towards their organisation’s desired social good. Through a combination of participant-centred learning and project assignments participants will gain a more comprehensive understanding of corporate social responsibility and insights into managing diverse stakeholder groups.

Hear from Head of Programme

Dr Caroline Lim

Hear from Industry Leaders

Dr Loke Wai Chiong
Mr Akash Mohapatra

Programme Structure

Each course in the GCOLN programme is equivalent to 5 credit units. Participants can take each course on its own. These courses can be further stacked to a Graduate Certificate in Organisation & Leadership for Non-profits upon successful completion of 15 credit units of course work.

Compulsory Courses (total 15 cu)

Classes are conducted over four Saturdays. The minimum programme duration is 6 months.

Find out more on the admission eligibility criteria and tuition fee.

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