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SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme

Upskill and reskill to gain an opportunity to transit into the growing healthcare and community sector today.

Gain a Work-Ready Grounding

SGUS at SUSS is a 6-month full-time training programme. It is modular, bite-sized, and designed in partnership with partners to help trainees acquire industry-relevant knowledge and traineeship experience to boost their employability. Trainees will apply the knowledge gained during the programme, through opportunities like work attachments, service learning or project work.

Who is This for?

The SGUS Programme is open to all Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who are PMEs (Professional, Manager, Executive), aged 21 years old and above. Additionally applicants must meet the criteria below:

  • Been recently displaced from employment
  • Have a minimum Diploma or 'A' Level educational qualification
  • Previous work experience from any sector, including healthcare and non-healthcare sectors

Benefits for Trainees

Applicants receive a Training Allowance of up to $1200 per month, subject to SkillsFuture Singapore's requirement of fulfilling at least 75% monthly attendance , that includes blended learning, service learning, project work or work attachment. In addition, the programme offers:


Benefits for Employers/ Partnered Company

The SGUS programme enables employers to support the national initiative in providing industry-relevant skills and knowledge to displaced Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents. Employers also enjoy:

  • No obligation to hire the trainee after the programme ends
  • Enhanced Hiring Incentive (May 2020 Fortitude Budget)
    • 40% salary support for 6 months (capped at $12,000) if they hire local workers aged 40 and above
    • 20% salary support for 6 months (capped at $6,000) if they hire local workers aged below 40


SUSS hosts several programmes under the SGUS which focuses on emerging skills across several sectors. Courses are delivered through a mixture of learning methodologies, which include blended learning with online component, as well as traditional face-to-face sessions.

NameNext Start Date*Courses / Service LearningResources
SGUS Programme in Healthcare Management End Oct 2021 - End Apr 2022
  • Resilience for Change
  •  Enhancing Patients Experience and Health Outcomes
  •  Big Data and Healthcare Supply Chain Management
  •  Management of Healthcare Organisations
  •  The Effective Healthcare Manager
  •  Human-Centred Design: Re-Imagined
  •  Service Learning at Partnered Company

* SUSS reserves the right to amend and/or revise the above schedule without prior notice.

Partnered Company

HMI Institute of Health Sciences

Institute of Health Sciences ("HMI Institute"), owned by Health Management International Pte Ltd, is a dedicated private provider of healthcare training in Singapore and one of two SkillsFuture Singapore appointed Continuing Education and Training Centres for the healthcare support sector since 2009. More Information >


Allium Healthcare (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of investment holding company G.K. Goh Holdings Limited and an operator in the aged care sector. More Information >


AsiaMedic is a premier healthcare provider in Singapore, with a focus on the management of clinical services in the fields of disease prevention, early illness detection, medical imaging and medical aesthetics. More Information >


An advanced one-stop specialist centre with a comprehensive range of clinics and services. As part of the HMI Group, StarMed was set up by established doctors looking for a better way to deliver healthcare in Singapore. More Information >

Thye Hua Kwan

Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home Limited (THKNH) is a non profit voluntary welfare organisation, incorporated since 2013. The nursing home in Singapore provides eldercare services in the Intermediate & Long Term Care Sector, and most of our clients come from financially strapped backgrounds, with 90% of them receiving the highest possible government subsidy level. More Information >


Set up by the Ministry of Health under MOH Holdings in 2015, Vanguard Healthcare aims to contribute to the growth and development of eldercare services in Singapore. More Information >


Assessment varies for each modules. Please download the Course Synopsis for details.


Upon completion of each course, an E-Certificate of Participation will be issued to the trainee. An E-Certificate of Programme Completion will also be issued at the end of the 6-month programme. The E-Certificate is not credit-bearing and is not stackable towards a Diploma or Degree.

Programme Fee

ProgrammeFull Programme Fee (before GST)Nett Fee Payable* after SSG FundingDuration
SGUS Programme in Healthcare Management$9706S$500
(including GST)
Full-time 6 months (estimated to be at least 4 days or more a week, which may include weekends throughout the programme, depending on the modules schedule and company you are assigned to)

Trainees are required to meet the minimum monthly 75% attendance per month, including courses, service learning / project work / work attachment at a company to be eligible for the monthly Training Allowance**.

Trainee will need to pay full programme fee of S$9706 to SUSS if this monthly minimum requirement is not fulfilled.

*Nett payable can be offset using SkillsFuture Credit. Terms & conditions apply.
**Subject to terms and conditions of funding agency.

Application Procedure

Please submit the following documents to by 3 October 2021:

  • Application form
  • Coloured copy (front and back) of NRIC for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Latest resume
  • Copy of Highest Qualification

Please note that admission to the Programme is subject to interview and selection by SUSS and Partnered Company.

SkillsFuture Credit

For submission of claims for SkillsFuture Credit, please refer to Instruction can be found on our website.

Frequently-Asked Questions About SGUnited Skills Programme

Please click here to find answers to your questions about SGUnited Skills Programme.


For enquiries on the programme, please reach out to the Centre for Continuing and Professional Education at +65 6248 0263 /

Terms and Conditions

  1. Trainees are required to complete the 6 months programme. Early withdrawal is only permitted without penalty if the following critieria are met:
    • Securing of employment (supported with relevant documents), and
    • 2 weeks' notice period is given and served
  2. Job roles to Partnered Company will be assigned to successful applicants after an interview and consideration of past work experiences. Trainees who accept the assignment of job role will be expected to serve in the assigned company for a period of six months. Requests for transfer to a different company, inter-departmental job rotations during the Service Learning period will not be allowed.
  3. Service Learning period and date varies from trainee to trainee, depending on the Partnered Company they are assigned to.
  4. Trainees are not entitled to company benefits during the Service Learning period.
  5. Trainees who fail to fulfil the minimum 75% attendance per month criterion, even with medical certificate as stipulated by SSG, may not be eligible for the monthly training allowance unless make-up is fulfilled with their assigned Partnered Company.
  6. Recipients of the COVID-19 Support Grant (CSG) and the Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme (SIRS) will continue to receive their payouts for participating in this programme. The total amount (CSG plus training allowance or SIRS plus training allowance) that trainees receive will be $1,200. It is the trainees’ responsibility to check with the respective agency in charge on their own eligibility and status regarding this.
  7. SkillsFuture Credits (SFC):
    • Trainees may apply to use their SkillsFuture Credits (SFC) to offset programme cost.
    • Trainees are required to follow the application steps provided by SUSS, and to do so by the stipulated deadline.
    • Otherwise, trainees would have to make payment of programme fees by cash, within the stipulated deadline, or face withdrawal from the programme.
  8. Contract of Employment:
    • Trainees who secure employment during the programme, will be required to provide evidence of employment in the form of letter of employment (or contract), which will be submitted to the funding agency (SkillsFuture Singapore).
    • The tracking of trainees employment status will continue for 6 months upon completion of the programme, whether the job offer is the result of facilitation by SUSS, or a job obtained by the trainees through their own search. During this period, trainees will similarly be required to provide a copy of their letter of employment (or contract) as evidence for submission to the funding agency (SkillsFuture Singapore). In addition, from time to time, trainees will also be contacted by SUSS to request for testimonial or / and employment related information.
  9. Please note that the decision of the funding agency (SkillsFuture Singapore) in consultation with SUSS is final for any disputes regarding the programme.

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