9 - 11 October 2019

What Our Graduates Say

Congratulations to the class of 2019! What does graduating mean to you? How do you see yourself as a role model (at work, at home, in the community) and how has your studies at SUSS help you achieve this? Here are what some graduates have to say:


Cai Yaojun

BSc Human Factors in Safety (SST)

While I was pursuing B.Sc in Human Factors in Safety, I was a WSHO in semiconductor industry with over 4 years experience. 

When I came to study Biomechanics and WRMSD, I grew conscious of limitations as WSHO and a management system. An individual may not be able to understand how to link mind and muscles connections to achieve safe biomechanics. I decided to jump into fitness industry in 2014 as a Personal Trainer.

Due to the big change in job scope and exposure, I gradually lose touch with WSHO and struggled to comprehend certain topics such as Incident, Accident Investigation, and Project Management (both which I’ve resit 3 times).

Despite this educational and financial challenges, my career with Fitness First @ One Raffles Quay now spans 4 years. I have the opportunity to coach rehab trainings to individuals with musculoskeletal disorders, such as frozen shoulder, lower back pain, baker’s cyst, etc, that are either originated from daily lifestyle or work related.

On top of these changes, I was able to apply knowledge (especially risk management into client base management).

As convocation approaches, I am now searching for opportunities to collaborate with WSH to tackle issues such as WRMSD, mental burnout, rehab for silver hair population, NIOSH lifting equation, awareness to ergonomics.

Chen Fengrong

Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education (NSHD)



Suresh S/O Panneerselvam

BEng Electronics (SST)

SureshEducation is a lifelong journey. I decided to embark on this journey for personal upgrade and to be a role model for my two daughters. Although the learning curb was very steep it was meaningful, and it taught me on endurance and perseverance. The journey would not have been smooth without some awesome people who supported me all the way.

Firstly, I am grateful to my wife who supported me all the way. She assisted everything at home and most importantly taking care of my kids. Without her unconditional support, I would not be able to focus and pursue my degree.

Secondly, I would like to thank and express my utmost gratitude to my Capstone Project Supervisor, Mr. Kumbar Shankarappa. He was very patient, friendly, approachable and most importantly an excellent guide who follow me at every phase. I would not have been able to follow through this journey without his great knowledge and experiences.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my friends and seniors who helped and guided me all the way during my studies in SUSS. They were there despite their busy schedules and always never fail to render their assistance.

Lin Shuli Carey

BSc (Hons) Marketing (SBIZ)

I am extremely grateful to Associate Professor Dr Huong Ha and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her boundless guidance and unreserved support on my research interest. Through Dr Ha’s professional experiences, I got my applied project on the adoption of mobile payments published in ChannelNewsAsia. Recently, Dr Ha has also link me up with Young Scholars Initiative, Institute for New Economic Thinking (New York) as the organiser for the cooperatives working group in the conference held in Hanoi. Undoubtedly, all these experiences and exposures had made the learning journey in SUSS very rewarding and enriching. I am inspired to be somebody who can contributes to the society by creating ideas to do things in a better way and benefits the community.

Kan Siew Chong

BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

KanSiewChongIt was really great to have completed my course - BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management that I had took in Year 2013. During this journey, I would like to thanks those whom have been partnered with me for the GBA on all the various modules. No doubt that there are always some argument due to different frequency based on individual background, nevertheless it was resolve amicably with the compromised conclusion. Besides all the wonderful classmates encountered, not forgetting to thanks all the lecturers who had imparted all their knowledge to us during the 3 hours lesson.

Journey to success  especially for part time student like myself was not smooth initially. Too many distractions that hindered me i.e. busy work schedules and sacrificing of personal time etc.. that lured me to give up at times.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family especially my mum who had supported me in silence.  Dinner was always served regardless of when I reached home after the lesson as she always believe that food is the source of energy in order to progress.

Lastly, there isn't any full stop for progressing  as there always a saying "Learn as we grow".

Fu Yonghuang

BSc Human Factors in Safety (SST)

FuYonghuangBeing a graduate was always my dream but it is now a reality. With the knowledge gained from this course, I am confident to apply them in my daily work and life.

I started this course in July 2014 without any prior knowledge. Scoring a GPA 4.2 for first semester was indeed a great achievement but complacency nearly destroyed my dream. My grades dropped drastically the following semester with a module to re-sit. My target to complete the course within 4 years was ruined. This was when I finally woke up and pulled through. I graduated with CGPA 3.63.

From here, I sincerely feel that my success will never be achievable without the following people who came into my life and lighted up the path for me. First, my wonderful classmates and lecturers who provided their guidance patiently. Also, my colleagues who voluntarily covered my duties during my absence. Lastly, my wife who provided emotional support. No words could express my gratitude for all the supports throughout this journey. 

My upcoming plan would be to identify areas in my workplace that requires improvements and propose relevant measures to enhance their safety levels.

Ibrahim Asharaf Ali

BA Tamil Language and Literature (SHBS)

IbrahimAsharafAliI am Ibrahim Asharaf Ali graduating from the class of 2019, Bachelor of Arts (Tamil Language and Literature). It’s been an exhilarating 3 years journey with lots of eye-opening experiences and insightful learning curves.

The decision to pursue this Degree was indeed tough given that I last graduated in 1993. But I still endured the obstacles and learning difficulties I might face stepping back into the world of knowledge more than 20 years later.

A unique and intriguing activity that always pushed me to do my best were the oral presentations during lessons. These fed my curiosity for I had to research and be well prepared for these presentations even though those were short 10-15mins presentations.

My achievement is only possible with my respectful Lecturers, Friends and my Family for always supporting me throughout my journey in SUSS.

I am planning to pursue Master Degree and ultimately a Doctorate in Tamil Language and Literature.

I do see myself undergoing a career switch from the ever-evolving IT industry to the Teaching profession.

I would like to congratulate my fellow graduates and wish everyone from the bottom of my heart, the very best for their future endeavours.

Thank you.

Leong Sok Yee Emily Cheyenne

Master of Community Leadership and Social Development (NSHD)

I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to pursue my Masters through the scholarship awarded by The People's Association (South West CDC), with the support from my family, betterhalf, and colleagues from the SWCDC, this journey was definitely sweeter.

I'm sure we are familiar with the idea of "work-life balance", an ongoing struggle to keep a healthy balance between professional and personal life. For me, it's more about "school-work-life balance". Certainly, it is possible to work full-time while studying full-time, but some things were more challenging than expected along the way. Of course, there were moments of self-doubt at times, but today, as I look back on those adversities and say to myself, and my cohort, 'We made it!' and this is something to be proud of.

The journey of lifelong learning never ends, I look forward to continue to value add to my organization as An Aggregator, A Builder and A Connector.


Matthew John

BSc Mathematics (SST)

MatthewJohnIt is indeed a wonderful feeling to graduate with much satisfaction after years of hard work. I wondered if I could make it through the BSc Mathematics Degree course after getting a ‘D’ grade for my ‘A’ levels. However, I was able to perform well and obtain a GPA of 3.5 which was my target for the course. During these years, there were many atimes I had to struggle all alone studying intensively to meet the requirements for the modules. In the midst of the academic rigor, I encountered heartbreaking personal situations which impeded my academic progress. Nevertheless, I had to press in through these situations to give my best and not to fall away. I would like to thank my Mum and dad for their support, sister and brother-in-law who have helped me financially for my education. I would also like to thank my wife who has been a great support to me, giving up her time for me to focus on my final exams. Finally, I would like to thank the Lord Jesus who has given me Wisdom and Grace to complete my Degree successfully. With this degree, I aspire to become a mathematics teacher in the future.

Ong Kai Xin

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor (SBIZ)

OngKaixinWhat you gotta do, when you've got the best group? ConGRADs to us! Thank you Val Bal, Munchin Bunchin, Eyleen Beeleen and Dylan Bylan, for all the great times we had together! Can't imagine my Uni life without you guys, I will miss y'all... )':

-- Kaixin Baixin



See Jia Li

BA Visual Communication with Business (SBIZ)

SeeJiaLeeI feel a sense of achievement about graduating as I took longer learning journey to complete my course as compared to my friends. The challenges which I had faced was especially during my capstone project whereby I have to cope with heavy workload at my new workplace as well as preparing report and presentation at the same time. I would like to tell the fellow graduands that we manage to overcome challenges in our degree journey and we finally taste the sweetness of success! Congratulations to all of us and we definitely deserve a long break! I am especially thankful towards my family members, loved one and close friends who are always there for me during my difficult times. I would also like to thank my batch mates who have taught me patiently and providing valuable insights in my design process. Never expect that I would forge a new friendship in my course of study. My plan for future is to equip my design skills in any business or marketing division. Perhaps I could improve slide designs for presentation or design marketing collaterals in any company events or activities. Hope that my degree would all be worth it!

Tan Hui Hui

BSc Business (SBIZ)

TanHuiHuiA heartiest congratulations to the class of 2019! It is indeed a heart-warming & happy moment to shout that we have graduated! Was a long long journey for most of us as we spent at least 3-5 years to complete our programme especially the part-time students.

It is never easy to juggle between work, family and studies as most of us are busy with work or family commitments. We need to stay up late to complete all our assignments, prepare for examinations and need to perform our best in office from 9 to 6 and some need to take care of their aged parents/young children at home after the sun sets. With this, I wanna put a pat on each fellow graduand’s shoulder and tell them we did it! Next, I would like to thank my parents, friends and everyone out there who played a part in my journey with SUSS who has assisted me in pressing on and come so far! Lastly, in the near future I hope to move on to another job of my interest.

Yang Yaling

Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education (NSHD)


Muhammad Ali bin Selamat

BSc Business (SBIZ)

Evonn Guo Zihui

BSc Business (SBIZ)

Teo Seng Yeong

BA Chinese Language and Literature (SHBS)



Allan Tan Wen Liang

BSc Finance (SBIZ)

AllanTanI would say it is really not easy to juggle full time work and part time studies together; having to ensure that I have to finish my work on time just to get to school early for dinner. When the lesson ended, I have to stay up late at night so that I can finish my assignments.

Initially, I wanted to give up, but I keep on reminding myself that nothing worth having comes easy, believing that the end result will be much more sweeter and fruitful. Indeed, it is.

I am currently embarking on my MBA to develop my survival skills and professionalism. I want to learn more about different industries and explore diverse opportunities.

Thank you to all my fellow graduands and my family who have supported me throughout the past three years! Special thanks to my mom and dad - your son did it!


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