Congratulations from Friends & Family

Amy Soong

Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Management

Dear Amy, Happy Graduation! A great milestone achieved. Congratulations!

- Jensen Loke

Azlitah Jaffar

Bachelor of Counselling

Congrats on this milestone J! so proud of EVERYTHING that you've achieved and worked for. Sending you so much love!

- Melissa Leong

Congratulations! You finally finished this race! though there is no convocation, you are already a champion!

- Bee Leng Tan

You have gone through work, life and studies for this very special day. As you learnt and gathered knowledge through the books and in your practice, you have also created a wonderful chapter in the people whom you have touched, and those who are fated to cross paths with you in future. I'm proud to know someone as awesome and genuine as you. Congratulations, you have graduated and you will have more breakthroughs in the next adventure you are embarking on!

- Nicole Lim

Dear Azlitah, Good looks, brains and heart, you’ve really got it all! Congratulations on your well-deserved success. So proud of you. I can’t wait to see where life will take you next. Wherever it is, my prayers go with you. Thinking of you with love and pride on your graduation day. Take pictures. Take your time celebrating. Take it easy for a while. Then get ready to take on the world! Love, Leona.

- Leona Tan

Carolyn Chew

Bachelor of Counselling

Congratulations! I am very proud of you!

- David Chew

Chik Ka Man

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Congrats! All your hardwork paid off and you deserve this celebration. All the best for your future endeavours!

- Zawiyah Kassim


Bachelor of General Studies

Dearest Eileen, the great philosopher, Sophocles, once said, "Without labour, nothing prospers". Congratulations on your outstanding achievement. I truly admire your determination, hard work, and resilience to achieve your academic goal. You should be incredibly proud of yourself! I am very happy for you.

- Shirley Joseph

Eileen Lee

Master of Gerontology

Dear Eileen, Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your future endeavours!

- Jensen Loke

Helen Lim

Master of Counselling

Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure. Thanks for all the support and encouragement to keep me motivated to stay in the Masters program. Happy to have run the last mile together with you.

- Richard Teng

Ismira Yanti Bte Abu Bakar

Bachelor of Counselling

YOU DID IT! Congratulations Mira! I'm immensely proud of you.. I hope that you will have a beautiful journey ahead of you and I wish you great success in your career and in life! You deserve it!

- Hidayah

Jensen Loke

Master of Gerontology

Congratulations on your graduation!

- Amy

Kee Bee San

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Education

Congratulations! You have worked hard and put in lots of effort. Feel happy that you completed the course successfully. Hurray!

- Edmond Mok

Kwek Gek Tien Eileen

Bachelor of General Studies

Congratulations mommy, you have finally graduated after many years of devotion! I hope you find your next goal or achievement which keeps you living! You can do anything if you put your heart and mind to it.

- Andrea Mong

Congrats Eileen. All these years of hard work finally paid off. You made it.

- Doris Chia

Congratulations Eileen! You are awesome!!

- Ivy Ling

Congrats Cheychey! You have finally achieved what you have set out to do!

- Benjamin Kwek

Eileen, there are many hurdles in life. So happy that you have gone thru this! Congratulations and keep well too. Cheers, Reg.

- Regina Lim

Congratulations, Eileen! You are an amazing person. You have achieved your dream because of your courage & determination. Praise God!

- Charmaine Oei

Li Li Ying

Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education


- He Hua


Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education


- PJ

Loke Cheng Seong

Master of Gerontology

I just know life has even more wonderful things in store for you. Always remember: There's no limit to what you can do if you keep believing in yourself. Keep on growing. Keep adding to the goodness and beauty in the world. Keep developing those unique dreams and talents that make you who you are! Congratulations and best wishes.

- Khew Kok Foo

Ng Pui Lyn

Bachelor of Early Childhood

Congratulations to our daughter! After burning all the midnight oil, you graduated. We share your joy!

- Mr & Mrs Ng Tuck Ching

Niti Gupta

Master of Counselling

"Oh, the places you'll go! You'll move mountains. So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed)." Congratulations. We are all so proud of you.

- Nidhi, Nupur, and Akhil

Nur Liyana

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Congratulations dear wife and mummy to the earned success. We saw you going through thick and thin for us while studying and we are here for you all the way. We love you very much!

- Mohamad Zaki bin Buang

Nur Sabrina Binte Mahbob

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

You've finally reached the endpoint of a whole new journey. I always believe that you're able to achieve this milestone no matter the circumstances, even though you always doubt yourself, always know that I always believe in you. Juggling work and school is never easy, having to stay up on a work day just to finish your assignments, always know I'm here to help in any way if you ever want to pursue a higher learning than this. Always know that teaching is calling, nobody can do this without passion like you. I will always be proud of you ok xoxo.

- Muhammad Naufal Bin Zailani

Nur' Syazwani Binte AB Mutalif

Bachelor of Social Work

Congrats on your achievement! I am extremely proud of you.

- Hafiza

Nurhidah Binte Mat Noor

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Happy Convocation!! May you have a bright future, wishing you and family all the best.

- Amin & Fatimah

Norzulaiha Bte Sapari

Bachelor of Social Work

Congratulations on reaching and achieving another milestone in life. The journey has been a long and arduous one but you kept your composure and keep ploughing through those hard times and your efforts has been rewarded. Officially you are a social worker. Congrats again and may you sore on your from here on. I am so proud of you. Keep striving and achieving greater heights!

- Muhd Afiq

Oh Jiang Fang

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Dearest Honey, CONGRATS CONGRATS on graduating!!:D I'm super PROUD of you, my persevering and determined beautiful darling! You totally DESERVE this achievement for all the hard work and effort I have seen you put in over the years, WELL DONE AND LET'S CELEBRATE!!! Loving you always, BALOO<3<3<3

- Baloo

Pei yi

Bachelor of Social Work

Congrats and thank God for your graduation.

- Vicente

Rachel Khoo

Bachelor of Counselling

Helloo Rach Khoo! Congrats on your milestone! Hard work truly pays off. Let's reach further heights in our careers together (:

- Sahail Malik

Richard Soh

Master of Gerontology

Dear Richard, Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your future endeavours!

- Jensen Loke


Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

WHO KNEW THIS DAY WOULD FINALLY COME. I CANT BELIEVE IT HAHAHA. CONGRATULATIONS BRINA!! idk how you did it but you did it. so freaking proud of you <3

- Crystal

Shelaine Pom

Master of Gerontology

Dear Shelaine, Congratulations on your graduation!

- Jensen Loke

Sherlyn Yong

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

HIIIIII SHERLYN, WE DID ITTTTTTT! Hahahah congrats to us for surviving and making it through 3.5 years of Uni! :) - Ariel

- Ariel Peh

Siti Mariam Binte Mustaffa

Master of Early Childhood Education

My dearest wife, Siti Mariam. You have touched a new milestone with your hard work and dedication. You always show us the important of lifelong learning and encourage us the always pursuit knowledge till end of the stars. The kids and I wishes you, Congratulation! Happy Graduation!

- Mohd Najib Bin Mohamed Idris

Suzanah Chua

Bachelor of Social Work

Congratulations Sue! You are truly a great example of Life Long Learning.

- Clive Chua

Uma Elangovan

Bachelor of Counselling


- Radha Elengoven, Nantha, Kailash Rana Naidu

We know it was not an easy journey for you. Despite all the challenges you faced along the way, you made it! Proud of you, Uma! You such an inspiration. Celebrate this milestone as it is a start for many more milestones! Congratulations on your graduation. I wish you the very best in all your future endeavours.

- Kayithrri

Congrats to my wonderful mom Uma Elengoven. I'm so proud of you and your achievement. You are my role model. Love you amma!

- Ramtarun, Elengoven, Rumahlah Devi & Naresh

Wendy Chan

Bachelor of General Studies

Well done and you make it. Thank God for everything.

- Aric

Yay you did it mum!!! The late nights and long hours you spent on your notes, tutorials, presentations, etc. have finally come to an end. Thanks for being such a real inspiration. You are the epitome of life-long learning & we are so proud of you *\o/*

- Cherie & Tim

Wong Pei Yi

Bachelor of Social Work

Pei Yi, congratulations on your graduation. I am so happy for you overcoming studies and hardships. The Lord bless you abundantly as you go forth to your new life in work and the Lord's Kingdom. God bless you always.

- Theresa Bing

Hello Pei Yi, so glad your perseverance has paid off and you have graduated! This maybe a tough year to graduate with COVID19 and an economic downturn but God is sovereign and in control. I believe He has a plan in stored for you as you look around for opportunities and find a job that matches your heart desires. May He bless you greatly in your job search and grant you peace and strength as you embrace this new milestone. Congrats again! All the best!

- Hsiao En

Congratulations! I am proud of you. Despite your busy schedule of looking after your mum and dad, befriending a group of mentally ill friends and organizing events for them, you still made the mark and achieved your goal. All the best and good wishes for your future.

- Raymond Sum

Well done Pei Yi for your determination shown and persevering spirit to bring the course to completion as an adult learning... and for your always helpful and generous acts to others even before you are certified as a 'prof' 'help' worker!

- Hsia Mei

Congrats Pei Yi! All praise to God - may you be blessed to be a blessing to others and may you use the work He leads you to, to glorify him! God bless!

- Gaik

Hi dear Janelle, congratulations! Thank God for you. May you fulfill the destiny God has for you even before the world began by His grace and mercy. Amen!

- Christina

Congratulations Pei Yi! God bless! All the best in your future endeavours! Thank you for being a great and awesome friend. God bless!

- Cassandra

I am so happy for you that your determination has paid off, and wish you every success in your new career.

- Richard Teng

Congratulations Pei Yi.

- Rachel

Congrats on your graduation Pei Yi. May you serve the Lord wholeheartedly.

- Doris Tan

Happy Graduation Pei Yi. All the best! Wishes from Linda and James

- James Yeo

Congrats, Pei Yi on your achievement. May God bless and use you with your gift to serve the poor and needy, Shalom, Drake

- Drake

Congrats! May your future work bring the love of God to the public.

- Kelvin

Hey Pei Yi, congratulations on your achievement! Really happy for you, may you be a blessing to others through social work.

- Kok Kin

Congrats Pei Yi! There's an abundance ahead with greenery! Enjoy the journey!

- Yong Hui

Good things are worth the wait :) Congrats to you having achieved your goal! Thank God for enabling you to complete!

- Su Lee

Congratulations Pei Yi! You have come a long way! Jesus loves you!

- Julius

Congratulations! it's time to celebrate!

- Jane

Congrats and thank God for your graduation.

- Vincente

Congrats on your achievement on your graduation day... cheers!!

- Charles

Hey congrats, hope for your future endeavours ahead!"

- Jack

Yap Qi

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Hello dear, happy graduation! It has been a tough journey for you with ups and downs. But you did it. I'm so proud of you. Despite what setbacks happened, you suffered but never gave up. One step at a time you push yourself until you reached the finish line. You will always be my role model and I hope you gleaned lots of valuable lessons in this 4 years. Now it's time for your next phase of life. And seeing what you've accomplished so far, I know you'll be able to do anything. You're my strong, brave, beautiful woman. Congratulations Yap Qi.

- Kishan S/O Jayashanker

Dearest Yap Qi, I am honestly very proud of you for graduating and scoring a job (especially in this economy), and also for finishing your studying life officially (remember how I said you were more suited for the working world) and I sincerely hope that wherever you go, you would be able to find a company that suits you and I wish you well in everything you do.

- Teo Ye Heng

Hi Yap Qi! It's been a rollercoaster journey for you but congrats for pulling through!! I remember you sharing about the ups and downs in the past years, especially your finals, but you did it!! Really proud of you :) As this chapter closes and a new chapter starts, let's work hard together and I'll continue to support you like how you've supported me :) with love from Andrea <3

- Andrea

happy graduation yappay!!! hah 7 years ago we were literally dying in jc, wondering if we wld even make it past the school day but hey ho here we are now!!!! this is literally just the start of life, proud of everything you've achieved so far, and better things are yet to come. stay crazy (as the best ppl in life r!)

- Calida

Dear Yap Qi, congratulations on graduating! All the best for your future endeavours and never stop chasing your dreams.

- Grace Ou

Congrats on your graduation!

- Tay Jia Wei

Congratulations on persevering through!

- Leong Xuhua

Congratulations! 恭喜!恭喜! May you have good health, happiness and work- life balance.

- Fong may mui

Congratulations on graduating Yap!! You've come so far and will only go further. Wishing you all the best!

- Krystal

Zahidah Binte Mohamed Jasmin

Bachelor of Sports and Physical Education

Congrats for completing this programme. You have done your best. Now for the next stage!

- Muhammad Hafiz

Congratulations babe! Finally!!! To better roads ahead! You did it!

- Namira Rahmat

Dear Aida, Warmest congratulations on your graduation. As you cherish the fruits of your hard work, I wish that success keeps following you in everything that you do. Lots of love, Santhiya

- Kumar Santhiya

"Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential." — Kerry Washington

- Sharmi

May your graduation brings in a new zeal in you to chase new goals and enjoy every minute of your life. Congratulations on your graduation. Well done!

- Alvin Tan

Chen Xue Yi

BSc Supply Chain Management

To my wife to be, Throughout this 4 years in SUSS, I know that you have been through a lot. It has never been an easy journey for you, especially when your FT work and study concurring. One of the greatest highlight was us being strangers to now life partners. You have displayed your strength and overcoming your weaknesses. You have shown your perseverance in this journey and I am really proud of you. I am very excited to celebrate more milestones with you. Happy graduation Love, Josh

- Josh

Heyy, congratulations on your graduation!! It has been a tough 4 years in uni, but you manage to pull it through and now you found your ideal job in the industry. All the best for your future endeavors!! Cheers!

- Clara

Congratulations Xueyi (Agnes chen) on your graduation. It has been a tough journey but you made it! So proud of you babe! Cheers to everlasting friendship and witnessing your milestones.


Hey babe! Congratulations on your graduations! So happy and proud to see how far you have come! I wish you success and happiness for your future endeavours! Fly high !!

- Lenis Ler

Cheryl Tan

BSc Supply Chain Management


- Hannah

Debbie Lim Jing Ying

Bachelor of Accountancy

So proud of you! Another milestone accomplished! Even though it was especially tough for you, you made it! After all, it is a mindset game. Bring this tenacity of yours anywhere, you'll surely achieve greatness. Believe you can and you're already halfway there!

- Leon Tan

HAPPY GRADUATION! Congratulations on finally graduating and entering the work force, we are so proud of the you going through this journey! It’s not easy but you’ll manage for sure! We love you! Love, SAN.

- Shankari, Ashley, Nicole


BSc Marketing

Dearest friend, congratulations! It was a tough journey juggling work and school, but you succeeded!

- Theo

Fiona Lee

BSc Marketing

Hello BB, a very happy graduation to you! It's been tough on you, having to manage both part time studying as well as full time work but I'm glad we can now put all the studies behind us and just look forward to work and travels :) Here's to travelling together again soon!

- Sebastian Wee

Iskandar Mirza Bin Salleh

BSc Management and Security Studies

Congratulations to you on this milestone! All of your hard work paid off and I could'nt be more proud of you on how far you've come! Love, Your Wife

- Hana

Congratulation Abg Is. Mami n Pa are so proud of you.We wish you all the best n may Allah bless you success in all your future endeavours.

- Mami & Pa

Uncle Mirza, you did it! Congratulations and BRAVO! Well done!

- Muhd Irsyad

Dear Uncle Mirza, Prayers and blessings on your graduation and for your future. Happy Graduation Day! Congrats! :)

- Nur Insyirah

Kwok Xuan Zhi, Benedict

BSc Business

Congratulations on your Graduation, Benedict and Class of 2020! We're so proud of you!

- Patrick Kwok & Family

Lena Ang

BSc Business

Congrats on ur graduation! Finally another tick off the bucket list and well deserved too!

- Sean Koh

Mohammed Rafiq

BSc Management and Security Studies

Wow! Congratulations!!! All the effort, sweat and tears have finally borne fruit! It was a tough journey but you overcame all odds and completed your degree! Enjoy this moment and all thanks to God for His blessings. We are proud of you and love you very much!! Have a wonderful graduation! Love, Nadia, Rasheeq and AJ.

- Nadia, Rasheeq and AJ


Bachelor of Accountancy

Dear Niva, I am so so so incredibly proud of you. I know this journey of 4 years in SUSS was not easy, and you faced many challenges. Yet despite all that, you pulled through it all and came out successful. You've grown into such a wonderful person, with your amazingly kind heart and beautiful soul. I am so proud to have stood by your side as a friend. Congratulations sayang!!!

- Nasreen


BSc Business

Dearest Peichi, we did it! So many times we couldn't see the end, but we finally achieved what we set out to! You are a gift I received in this journey and congratulations once again!

- Theo

Qi Yin, Jue Yun, Christina & Amirul

BSc Supply Chain Management

Congrats friends!!! So proud of all of you, and all the best for your future endeavors!!

- Cheryl

Rachel Tan

BSc Business

Congrats babe!! Yay! Completed the educational milestone, on to the next one in life. All the best and good luck for your future endeavors~ :)

- Long King

Congrats on your graduation bff !! Good luck on your future endeavours , cheers !

- Ethan Yao

Finally! Happy graduation! All the best in your career!

- Duo Feng

Well done babe.

- Jacqueline Yong

Gongxi Gongxi.

- Liba

Congratulations Rachel jie jie.

- Baobei

Rachel jie jie no. 1

- Beibei

Rachel Tan Ting Hui

BSc Business

Dearest jie jie, congratulation on your graduation. HAPPY GRADUATION, 你做到了 despite the long day and nights of mugging, rushing assignments. All the best to your future endeavors and of course looking forward to you earn more money to feed your sister (ME) more steamboat and bbq! LOVE YOU!

- Goh Sheryl

Shannen Kang

Master of IP and Innovation Management

So very proud of you!! Congratulations! Your dedication and determination brought you to where you are today. Go forth and conquer the world.

- Mom

Brandon Jude Fernando

Bachelor of Communication

Congratulation to your graduation, Brandon! You’ve persevered and come a long way, don’t give up on your learning journey as I’m always gonna be here with you by your side. Love, Fionn.

- Fionn Tan

Cen Xinling

BA Sociology

Huge congrats Stephie. Your hard work and perseverance have paid off. Wishing you all the best and you will continue to love what you are doing now and to greater heights of achievement. Jiayou.

- Ruby

Congratulations Steph!! So happy for you! You have worked very hard do take a good rest. You deserve it!! We are so proud of you!

- Huay Ming

Congratulations for completing the BA! It must have not been an easy time for you the past few years but you made it! Thank God for His favour and your perseverance.

- Yi Xian

Congratulations on graduating! Your hard work and determination to persevere despite the difficulty of the modules has encouraged many of us to do likewise. Good job Steph!!!

- Abby

Congratulations Stephanie. Praise the Lord for your success and your joyful nature. God loves you! Amen!

- Jinyu Pan

Congrats Stephanie on your graduation. Well done!

- Stanley Chua

Congratulations Stephanie! May God’s Grace and Favour shine upon you.

- Kim Faulkner

Congratulations on your Great Achievement, Stephanie!

- Rachel Pei Chin Foo

Congratulations and Well done for your journey of getting a BA.

- Dawn Ng

Phew! Finally...completion. Congrats Steph! Well earned pat on your back.

- Sharon Wong

Awesome job! Congratulations to you.

- Amanda Chow

Congratulations Stephanie Cen for your achievement ! You finally made it !

- Joelle

Congratulation on this achievement! May God continue to pave ways and open doors for your next season.

- Charlene Hong

Dahakshanah D/O Dhayananthan

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Heartiest congratulations to you on your Graduation! Really proud of you and the hardwork you have put into this.

- Ansley D'souza

Hidayah Hamdan

Bachelor of Communication

Congratulations dearest Hidayah! Prayers and blessings on your graduation and for your future endeavours. With love & pride today & always.

- Nabilah

Hui Jia Yi

BA Psychology

Hello dear daughter, a big congrats for your outstanding performance. Your hard work and perseverance had finally paid off. Me and your mum are so proud of you for your achievements. Success is the fruit of good ideas with energy, intelligence and determination. The satisfaction of doing your best is a great reward for you. Once again, our heartiest congratulations to you, my dear Jia Yi. All the best to you on your next endeavour!

- Hui Kok Fai

Humaira Bte Mohd Ali

BA English

So excited knowing it's your GRADUATION DAY! I am so proud of you at the highest DEGREE! Sister! You made it with many things on hands! *Pats on your shoulder and hugs. May you be blessed for your future endeavours...!

- Fizah

Congratulation Maira. First person in the family to have a degree cert. Proud of you!!

- Muhammad Azli Bin Kasnan

Kee Hong Xun Shawn

BA Sociology

To my dearest Bro: Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try and your devoted perseverance towards meeting your goal is amazing. You have accomplished so much through your hard work and dedication. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are and it hasn't been easy. I’m so excited that you made it! Congratulations on graduating! Always proud of you :) Lotsa of Love, Sis Jia

- Sandra Kee

Lily Goh

BA Sociology

Congratulations, Lily!!!! What resilience and preseverence, such an inspiration!! May you achieve all your dreams.

- Lynette Tan

Congratulations, Lily Goh! You did it! I'm proud of you! You are my winner in my heart! I love you in elitism!

- Mike

Hey Lily! Congratulations on your graduation! Finally! We all know how hard it has been for you, and how far you've come. Your perserverance and hardworking attitude is just part of how awesome you are. Now it's just a matter of time before you go on your long-awaited world trip. Have a great graduation and all the best in all that you do!

- Cornelia Tay

Congratulations to you, Lily! You’ve attained your goal! Best wishes in all your future endeavors!

- Mimi Toh

Congratulations! You made it! Awesome!

- Brenda Cheng

Lily, you inspire all of us each and every day, and we are so lucky to know and work with you. I am sure you will continue to do amazing things and affect real change in the world! I am honoured to call you my mentor. So proud of and happy for you!

- Arjun Vadrevu

Lim Hui Hui (Val)

BSc (Hons) Psychology

So happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so very proud of you too. Be bold, be courageous, be your best for your next adventure!


Nur'Azzah Binte Sa'ad

BSc Psychology

Congrats to my best friend, wife and mother to our child!!! This year marks our 10th year together and I am so proud to have been by your side throughout your learning journey. Though it was at times pretty stressful and tough to juggle work and family, you stayed strong and persevered through. Enjoy the moment and have a great convocation.

- Khalid Bin Lokman

Nur Hidayah Binte Hamdan

Bachelor of Communication

Congratulations!! You've conquered a milestone!!

- Hanna Wildani

Nur Irdawaty Binte Abdul Rahman

Congratulations on completing this journey!

- Herman

Congrats to my dearest niece on your achievement. Am proud of you.

- Rosman

I am so happy to share in the excitement of your graduation, congratulations on your well deserved success.

- Norsila Abdullah

Finally your perseverence and determination paid off. So proud of you. Well done. Congratulations

- Norliah Bte Asmain

Nur Nazihah

BSc Psychology

Happy Graduation Day Babe! So proud of your achievement!

- Puteri Nur Madina

Biggest congratulations to you on your graduation! The journey wasn’t easy for you, but it was worth it. Plus, I knew you were gonna make it anyway! I’m proud to see you achieve yet another milestone in your life and I hope this isn’t the last! A bright future is ahead of you! Stay wonderful and do amazing things!

- Zul Hairi

Congratulations on your graduation, my dear twin sister! Continue making the family proud, your hard work finally paid off. We love you, always.

- Nur Nazirah

Nur Syahirah Bte Sa'adon

BA Malay Language & Literature

Congratulations, Irah! You did it! I am so happy and proud of you. The journey wasn’t easy but you did it effortlessly. This is your big day, enjoy it. And congrats again!

- Nurhijjah

Hi Irah! Congraduations! Please know that I am so so so proud of you. The nights where you burnt midnight oil, the days where your spidery legs suddenly come out for you to multi-task, the random trip to the national library, I’ve seen it all. You have done such an amazing job! We love you!

- Nur Azreen

Nurhidayah binte Hamdan

Bachelor of Communication

May your graduation be the beginning of many wonderful achievements in your life. Congratulations.

- Maria Matwan

Alhamdulillah! You did it! So happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and we are so very proud of you, too!

- Ibrahim & Siti Zuraina

Congratulations on graduating!! Your hard work and effort have finally paid off! Time to slack off a bit ya hahaha.

- Nur Afiqah

Dear Hidayah congratulations on completing your studies you have done us proud.

- Hayati Hamdan

All the years you have spent is worthwhile. Congratulation to your significant milestone. I love you.

- Muhammad Zafir

Congratulations dear Daya on graduating! May this new chapter in your life opens up more opportunity for you to grow. Wooo~~ xoxo, ur PIC.

- Zubaidah

Nurirdawaty Abdul Rahman

BA Sociology

Alhamdulillah! Kegigihan dan kecekalanmu telah membuahkan hasil. Tahniah Nurirdawaty!

- Siti Noorbaya Rahmat

Shanthi Rajaram

BSc Psychology

Congratulation to the 1st graduate of the Rajoo family! Your time, effort & hard work have paid off and we are truly proud of your achievement, especially Tata & Patti :) Keep striving for greatness & inspiring that there is no age limit for learning!

- Sangeetha

Akka I'm really very proud of you and so happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day. My heartiest congratulations and an Awesome achievement during this tough moment. Dare to Dream!!

- Revathi

Shawn Kee

BA Sociology

Congratulations Bro! So happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and we are so proud of your well-deserved achievement! Cheers to your success!

- Lileen

Warmest Congratulations to your graduation, Shaun! Not forgetting to thank Goggle, Wikipedia, Copy & Paste, Coffee and Booze which got U here! Hope u look forward in unfolding exciting new chapters in life after u exit the ‘easiest’ chapter... Hahaha , will catch you soon and be GOOD!

- Gena

Tan Chin Pei

BSc Psychology

Congratulations dearest sister! You've made it through and I'm so proud of you for your perseverance and passion. You will be an inspiration to my son. We love you so much! Jia you on your next journey! Totally excited for you for finding your calling in life.

- Tan Chin Chin

Victoria Poon

BSc Psychology

Congratulations on graduating! It must have been tough supporting us while working and completing this but you managed! I can’t wait to see what is next for you!

- Nicholas Teo

Congratulations on graduating!! You've done so well and I am so proud of you for getting your degree! I love you <3

- Natalie Teo

Congratulations Kiki!! Proud of you!! All the best in your future plans :)

- Iris Domingo

Xie Shiquan

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The path of least resistance has just begun and I am beyond proud to see how far you have come, my Love. You have successfully maneuvered through a difficult path with so much blood, sweat and tears, to be where you are now. Let's never stop learning and growing together. Congratulations!

- Estella Soo

Anders Lim

BEng in Aerospace Systems

Well done son! We are so proud of you! Congratulations!

- Jenny Seah

Congratulations to you Anders! Your hard work has paid off! We are so proud of you! With lots of love from us.

- Tammy, Wen Zhong  & Jaxon

David Goh Geok San

BSc Human Factors  & Safety

May Daddy God's love and guidance be with you. Congratulations to His Beloved graduate. We give thanks to this graduation and I pray that whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.

- Alysa Chia

We are so glad you have come so far and achieved so much! Thank God for the grace in your life and we are certain there are many more milestones you will journey through effortlessly in Him! Congratulations!

- Daniel  & Mabel Tay

By the grace of God, you did it! Well done David! We rejoice greatly with you! To many more greater and awesome times ahead!

- Steven  & Alicia

Heartiest Congratulations On Your Graduation And Best Wishes For Your Next Adventure!

- Chia family

Gary Lim Wei Lun

BSc Facilities  & Events Management

Congratulations! You made it! I’m sure today will be only the first of many proud, successful moments for you. You’ve learned and grown so much even though you going through life change by having 2 little cuties while pursuing your degree. It is definitely not easy but you have successfully make it. Even though graduation is going to look different for you, the achievement is still the same. You’ve put in the same hard work. And I couldn’t be prouder.

- Lee Wanxin

学而不厌, 诲人不倦

- CFC W.S.Lim

Hafiz Bin Hasnol

BSc Digital Media

Congratulations Brother! We are really proud of you! Continue to press on and work hard! We love you!

- Herinna Hasnol

Congratulations! Finally you have achieved it! "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

- Anthea

Kuan Yoke Gei

BEng Electronics

Congratulations on your graduation Mum! Super proud of you.

- Sheryl

Lee Quanta

BSc Multimedia Technology and Design

Real courage is holding on to a still voice in your head that says, 'I must keep going.' It's that voice that says nothing is a failure if it is not final. That voice that says to you, 'Get out of bed. Keep going. I will not quit.'

- Gerald

Congratulations on graduating! This must be a very proud moment for you! For all the times of sacrifice and hard work, trying to balance work, family and studies, it is all worth it~ This is just the beginning; you are a star in the making. Shine on~

- Lyn Lee

Congratulations Quanta! You did it! All the best in your whatever do!

- Azli rahim

Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

- Rachel

Congratulations! It has been quite a journey but you made it! Good luck in your future endeavours!

- JS

Warmest congratulations on your graduation. Well done!

- Stephanie Tan

Congratulations Quanta! May the path ahead of you be smooth and with abundant success! Stay safe!

- Eda

Congratulations on your graduation, Quanta. I am glad to have known you from this course. All these years of studying and projects, may you achieve greater heights with this degree. Once again, congratulations.

- Alexander Tan

My dearest brother, we are proud to see you graduate! We know it has been a tough path for you, especially in between work and studies, however, nonetheless, you managed to work it through and passed! Awesome! Congratulations!

- Lee Shiyi

Congratulations on your graduation!! May the future path shine ahead and finally the day is here!!

- Meiyi

Muhammad Fadly bin Mohd Hussin

BSc Multimedia Technology and Design

My blessed son Muhammad Fadly, the joy of my life. Thank you for passing another step in your life journey. Getting this degree wasn't easy and Alhamdulillah you made it. May success be always be with you In Sha Allah, aamiin. Yeah congratulations, all those coffees, energy drinks, headaches and sleepless nights/days goodbyes. All was worth it. Ibu love you.

- Animar Almoner

Pei Lin Rennie

BSc Digital Media

Congratulations on Graduating! You have worked hard! "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." — Henry David Thoreau.

- Anthea

Zawiyah Bte Kassim

BSc Biomedical Engineering

Congratulations Wiwi! You have come a long way and we are so proud of you! Wishing you all the best. You deserve all the success and happiness in the world for you are the kindest friend ever! Hope you like the video!

- Norizainum Bte Abdul Muin

Zoey Peh Jia Huan

Bachelor of Building and Project Management

From the Peh family: Your perseverance and the effort put in on spending your nights studying/doing projects after work have finally paid off! Studying part time is definitely not a walk in the park, from the beginning we knew that you will make it. You have no idea how much we are proud of you, heartiest congratulations, go make your mark!

- Louis, on behalf of the Peh family

Happy graduation and congratulations for coming a long way to complete your degree! Despite balancing school and work, you never failed to put in efforts to make my days worth living. Today is a day worth celebrating because you have finally graduated! I am so proud of you today, and always be happy for you. While you've graduated from school, learning beyond school never stops! Can't wait to celebrate this big milestone with you in person! Love, Yin Kai.

- Law Yin Kai

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