Congratulations from Director, Office of Student and Alumni Relations

Dear Alumni,

Congratulations on your success and welcome to the SUSS alumni family! The world has changed and is continuing to change even as we live each moment. This is certainly an understatement amidst the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. And in a changing world, we often find ourselves navigating on shifting sands. Where is the stability, the anchors that will ground us, offer us that all important foundation and support in a disruptive world? Wearing multiple hats, being able to roll with the punches, seizing opportunities to acquire new skills and working experience (even if it means taking up traineeship and short term employment) are critical success factors in today’s modern climate. We are inundated with global multi-stakeholder audiences that are more diverse and complex than ever before. Today, both organisations and individuals need to find their own compass and deploy new tactics to build a leading institutional or individual brand.

At SUSS, our mission is to develop students to live our education philosophy of the 3Hs, HEAD, HEART and HABIT; Head for knowledge, Heart for the community and the Habit of lifelong learning. This will stand you in good stead to be always future ready, not only to thrive in a changing world but more importantly to be the anchors to those who need your support.

As you embark on the next lap of your journey as a graduate, we urge you to continue practising these values. With your degree and portfolio of skills in hand, whether you choose to be an employee or entrepreneur you will find that you will be called upon to take a position on social issues, ethical behavior, environmental responsibility and human values in your daily interactions. Individuals with a conscience and heart will be the marketplace differentiator. We encourage all our graduates to be such individuals. Harness your voice and take actions to step out of the box, unlock new growth and build a great reputation for yourself that will also benefit and impact society. Do also make time to remain connected with your alma mater, as a volunteer, mentor or lifelong learner.

As our alumni, we count on you to fly the SUSS flag high as you "Go make your mark… for the greater good".


With Best Wishes,

Evelyn Chong
Director, Office of Student and Alumni Relations
Singapore University of Social Sciences

Orientation July 2019 - Support Services

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