SUSS Convocation
Class of 2020

29 April - 6 May 2021


What is the Graduation Admission Card for?

You will be given a graduate admission card when you collect your Academic Regalia at Serangoon Broadway Studio. It is to verify yourself as an attendee of Convocation 2020.

Please remember to bring your admission card on the day of the ceremony because:

  • As part of the safe management measures, the graduate admission card is required as proof for entry (together with the SUSS Health declaration form, safe entry check-in, and temperature checks).
  • It is also required for registration of attendance at the registration counter allocated for your seating zone. Your seat number sticker will be issued to you, and is to be pasted on your card.
  • You are required to show your graduate admission card to the usher for checking when lining up at the side aisle for the presentation of graduates on stage.
  • After your graduate admission card has been checked, please drop the card into a collection box before you go up the stage.

I have misplaced my Graduate Admission Card, what should I do?

On the day of the ceremony, please obtain a replacement card at the registration counter allocated for your seating zone during the registration of attendance.

How can my guests (parents, family, friends, etc.) attend the Ceremony?

Only guests who have been successfully pre-registered by the graduates will be admitted to the Convocation.

Can my child attend the ceremony?

Admission for children to the ceremony is strictly for those aged 6 to 12.

Do I have to wear the Academic Regalia?

The wearing of the Academic Regalia is compulsory for all graduates receiving their degree scrolls at the ceremony.

Can I rent my Academic Regalia from other studios?

The Academic Regalia for rental are customised for the Singapore University of Social Sciences. We have appointed Serangoon Broadway Studio as our official gown management studio. We are unable to advise whether the Academic Regalia rented out by other studios will be similar.

If I am not attending the Convocation, can I still rent the academic regalia?

If you are not attending the ceremony, you may rent your academic regalia from Serangoon Broadway the following month after the ceremony.

Rental of academic regalia is chargeable at a special rate of S$30 and you are required to make a S$150 refundable deposit. The gown has to be returned within seven days.

If you would like to rent the academic regalia, please contact the Alumni Relations Department at +65 6248 9215 or

Can I attend the Convocation if I have ARI symptoms? (cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat or loss of sense of smell)

Please refrain from attending the Convocation if you are experiencing any of the ARI symptoms.

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