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To help students with employment and income generation, SUSS has launched a new initiative to help them join the Gig Economy. This series is split into three parts - Freelancing, Ecommerce and Digital marketing and Content Creation.

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These individual workshops cover topics that are extremely hands-on, with an aim to help students to start earning money from Day 1. Additionally, it helps students to discover that self-employment is another option during difficult times.


  • Selected students will have $500 worth of advertising credits to work with
  • Learn from industry experts in the various fields
  • Receive dedicated mentorship post-programme
  • Learn how you can start earning from Day 1

Our Trainers

 Lawrence Lim Introduction

Mr Lawrence Lim


A former Chief of Artillery in the Singapore Armed Forces, Lawrence has years of experience coaching and mentoring leaders in government organisations, MNCs and start-ups for timely leadership succession, organisational transformation and business growth. His leadership experiences also saw him taking up the role of a Chief Operational Officer in an Asia's leading startup, CoAssets and later publishing his book “From Doing to Dreaming – The Four Practices of Leadership”, in 2017.

In this workshop, Lawrence will be sharing on the understanding of the market opportunities, realities, soft-skills required to sell yourself and understand customers' needs, and the tools to develop your action plan, essential knowledge for survival in the freelancing industry.


Creatives At Work


Creatives At Work is a media agency that brings together project owners and media freelancers in the region. To date, they have completed more than $6 million of projects, reaching out to more than 1,500 freelancers and have more than 30 clients.  They understand that unlike employees, freelancers have to be their own marketing, accounts, legal, and creative department. Hence they produced a freelancing 101 course which brings opportunities for freelancers to present the issues they face, and to grow their networks.

In this workshop, Creatives At Work will introduce freelancing as an alternative career choice and to equip you with the necessary mindset to start up your Freelancing career.





With CombineSell, you can now sell everywhere your customers shop. It has never been easier - create and manage listings, reply customer enquiries, synchronise & control inventories, and fulfil orders all from a single interface. CombineSell is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that automates and simplifies multichannel e-commerce selling processes by aggregating popular online marketplaces into just a single platform.

The team behind CombineSell are experts in most or if not all ecommerce platforms. Its your chance now to learn how you can setup your online store, pick the right product and optimise it.





Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online. Learn first hand from the Facebook team on how you can maximise your Social Media marketing efforts to generate more sales!

Build your first Social Media Ad in the workshop!




Hear from the Google team on how you can fully utilise the largest search engine platform in  the world to boost your site, and use it as an alternative form of marketing.


Nas Academy Logo

Nas Academy


From the team behind Nas Daily, Dear Alyne and Project Nightfall, the Nas academy team is here to impart skills for growth hacking and content curation, based on their experiences on gaining millions of views on their pages and videos.

During the workshop, you will learn:

  • Confident communication
  • Scripting and Storytelling
  • Shooting video
  • Video editing concepts
  • Growth Hacking
  • Video marketing via social media platforms

How Do I Register?


Please direct any questions to

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