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To help students with employment and income generation, SUSS has launched a new initiative to help them join the Gig Economy. This series is split into three parts - Freelancing, Ecommerce, Micro-influencing and Digital marketing and Content Creation.

These individual workshops cover topics that are extremely hands-on, with an aim to help students to start earning money from Day 1. Additionally, it helps students to discover that self-employment is another option during difficult times.


  • Selected students will have $500 worth of advertising credits to work with
  • Learn from industry experts in the various fields
  • Receive dedicated mentorship
  • Learn how you can start earning from Day 1

Our Trainers



How can I obtain the Certificate?

This programme is currently open to all SUSS students with a valid PI number only. To be eligible for the certificate, you are required to:

  1. Attend at least one of the full day of the Focus Area – Freelancing, Ecommerce and Micro-influencing
  2. Attend the compulsory sessions which include, but not limited to Digital Marketing. Full list of compulsory sessions is indicated with (*) which can be obtained from the Schedule below.
  3. Complete the assignments for the Focus area you attended + Digital Marketing, which is compulsory. Assignments will be emailed to you nearer to date.

For example, I am interested in Freelancing. I attend the full day of Freelancing activities and the compulsory sessions. I will also have to submit my assignment for both Freelancing and Digital Marketing.

How Do I Register?


Please direct any questions to

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