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Join us in the SUSS Agri-preneur Incubation Programme to experience the landscape, challenges and opportunities of agriculture and food security in Singapore and around the region. 

  • Work with a team of mentors hands-on knowledge and experience in Singapore's agriculture industry. 
  • Learn about the science behind hi-tech agriculture practices with practical experience in SUSS' own indoor farm
  • Complete a grow cycle of your own vegetables and uncover opportunities in the industry, from growing vegetables to the distribution of nutritional produce.

Programme starts 8 January 2022

Programme Details

Day 1:
8 January 2022

Orientation and Setup: Introduction to the Vertical Tower Farming System

  • Why and what is an indoor farming system?
  • Components of vertical tower system
  • Pumps and filtration
  • Equipment, lighting and nutrients
  • IoT

Day 2:
15 January 2022

Getting Started: Vertical Farming Operation & Automation

  • Making the most of your tower
  • Seeding
  • Cycle from seeding to growing
  • Monitoring and Measurement
  • Harvesting and Post-Harvest

Day 3:
12 February 2022

Observations and Overview: Farming and Agri-technology

  • Urban Farming in Singapore
  • What you need to know about plants
  • How to improve your yield
  • Plant health and maintenance

Day 4:
12 March 2022

Go to Market: Essential Supporting Farm Operations & Administration

  • Packaging, storage and logistics
  • Quality standards and food safety
  • SFA regulations
  • Government support schemes
  • Market analysis

*Students are required to have a 3-month commitment for the programme.

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