Mrs Wong-Mah Jia Lan LEAD Academy

Platforms to practice leadership

"Success has to do with deliberate practice. Practice must be focused, determined and in an environment where there is feedback."

- Malcom Gladwell, English-born Canadian journalist, author, and public speaker


The LEAD Academy provides development opportunities for students of varying degrees of leadership skills. In other words, students do not need to be established leaders before exploring their leadership potential via the platforms offered. See below for some of the platforms and have a peek into what some of these platforms offer!

Leadership Roadmap
Catalyst Photoboard

SUSS CatalySt is a student-led initiative focusing on active citizenry and raising awareness on social issues in the SUSS community.

  • Heritage Trails - Discover and appreciate Singapore's history and heritage through curated experiential trails.
  • The Social Space - Explore various social issues and discover new perspectives and insights through conversations.

Find out more about the CatalySt and keep up to date with their outreach activities by following them on Instagram!

Teaching Assistants (TA) under the Career Development Office (CDO)  are trained to conduct upskilling workshops for their peers. The topic and content of the Peer Mentoring workshops are co-developed by the TAs and CDO staff mentors, and are designed to help students build work-applicable skills.

Students keen on becoming a TA can look out for job openings on the CEL Portal.


Competition Groups (CGs) are initiated and managed by SUSS students who are passionate about the sport and in wanting to make SUSS proud. The student athletes have to balance studies, work, and sports.

Community Engagement (CE) leaders initiate opportunities for collaboration with community/social organisations and actively participate in the community to address social issues and create social impact. CE projects are often student-led, with guidance from both their community partner mentor and OSLCE staff mentor. 

The ETB programme is an experiential platform for all full-time undergraduate students to kick-start their university journey together through a common experience. Beyond facilitating the student's learning, ETB Student Leaders serve as mentors to the freshmen and are responsible for orientating the new cohort of freshmen at the beginning of their SUSS journey and providing advice and support when required. The student leaders get to grow as leaders by assuming additional leadership roles in the other areas of the ETB programme. 

Bringing like-minded students together, the student-run Interest Groups help create a vibrant student body and strengthen one's sense of belonging to SUSS through connecting with others over mutual interests.

IG Photoboard 1
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Peer Supporters include the SUSS OWLs(Our Well-Being Listeners) and Freshmen Befriender.

The OWLs provide a listening ear for students through their Here to Hear (H2H) sessions, organise well-being workshops, and raise awareness on the importance of mental wellness through social media.

Freshmen Befrienders

The Freshmen Befrienders provide peer support to their freshmen group during their onboarding phase, to help them acclimate and settle into SUSS.

BloomStudents are also encouraged to design their own leadership journey by initiating projects they have an interest in. Examples of student driven-projects include the provision of digital devices to financially-challenged SUSS students, as well as promoting well-being in SUSS students through a wellness festival.

CE-YCS Happy Club

Students who are keen on growing their community leadership knowledge and skills can join the Youth Corps Leaders Programme, where they will get equipped with essential skills such as community needs analysis and stakeholder management to serve and lead change in the community. Beyond initiating community projects with funding support from Youth Corps Singapore, students will be able to lead other volunteers in Youth Corps programmes and pursue their passion through interest-based clusters.

The yearly XL121 programme provides personalised mentorship and leadership development opportunities to students who are leading SUSS-wide projects or plan to lead SUSS projects.

Each student on the programme will receive one-to-one mentorship and work with their mentors to curate a personalised leadership plan journey to build skills and enhance leadership effectiveness as they accumulate experience.

This programme is open to all SUSS students.

Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Dedicated mentor - leadership coaching by CEL/Industry professionals
  • Leadership project that allows for leadership practice throughout the year
  • Targeted leadership training
  • Networking sessions with other SUSS student leaders and industry leaders
  • Leadership conferences (local/overseas)
Pre-requisiteYear 1-3 SUSS undergraduates with leadership experience within the past 3 years
Commitment Period

Students on this programme must commit to the following:

  1. Attend at least 2 networking sessions of your choice
  2. Lead a SUSS project/projects over the period of 1 year
  3. Quarterly meet-up with your assigned mentor
  4. Attend Facilitation Skills and Strengths Finder training
  5. Attend Adaptive Leadership Workshop (3 days). Dates to be confirmed, based on the availability of successful applicants.
  6. Attend 1 Local or Overseas conference (Optional)

Registration for 2022 has closed.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life.

Comprising of full-time, part-time and post-graduate students, the Community of Student Voices, also known as 1SUSS, serve as a bridge between the SUSS student body and University Administration.

1SUSS aims to strengthen:

  • SUSS presence through student representation at national/international platforms or Inter-Varsity programmes
  • Sense of belonging within the student community through regular communication and feedback between SUSS management and student

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