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Design-X Project: Get Real about CSR

Project advisors: 
Dr Caroline Lim, email:, tel: +65 6248 0339
A/P Jennifer Ang, email:, tel: +65 6248 4382

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business practice that aims to abide by socially responsible rules, principles, policies or values. It encompasses extensive areas of responsibilities that businesses have to the societies within which they operate. Stock exchanges and financial market regulators around-the-world are actively promoting sustainability reporting by demonstrating how their CSR practices and strategies follow the environmental, social and governance (ESG) paradigm. 

This project intends to evaluate CSR initiatives and practices in for-profit organisations critically. Students in this project will learn to co-design a CSR scheme that integrates the role of the chosen organisation as a corporate citizen and its mission and purpose. The choice of organisations can be one of the listed issuers in SGX or an existing employer of a participating student. Students will learn skills in social research and form an appreciation of the elements to an effective CSR scheme through the following:

  1. Describe the CSR practices of the sector that the organisation belongs to;
  2. Identify the various stakeholders of the chosen firm and explain their interest, expectations and motivations;
  3. Survey the sustainability disclosures and practices of the organisation and its competitors;
  4. Evaluate the organisation’s CSR initiatives and its benefits including its impact in creating competitive advantage;
  5. Propose and develop improvements that will realise the organisation’s commitment to society;
  6. Present findings, analysis and recommendations.

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