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Design-X: Project Why Do Good?

Volunteerism rate has generally decreased across all demographic groups in Singapore. According to the findings of the 2018 Individual Giving Survey (IGS) conducted by the NPVC, the national volunteerism rate stood at 29% and was largely performed on an occasional and informal basis. Yet, 70% of Singaporeans expressed that they are keen to volunteer, while citing other life priorities as taking precedence to volunteering because volunteering involves sacrifice and effort.

This project aims to find out motivations of altruism and drivers of pro-social behaviours broadly, and attitudes and perceptions of volunteers specifically. Students in this project will learn to co-develop assessment tools with faculty supervisor(s) and community partner(s) and conduct study on SUSS student volunteers (and other volunteers if permitted by community partners) to understand and inform volunteer engagement efforts. Students will learn the elements of social research in the following way:

  1. Understand social issues of the identified community
  2. Map the landscape and aims of community involvement
  3. Identify and clarify outcomes for volunteers
  4. Define and explain indicators of outcomes for volunteers
  5. Survey attitudes and perceptions of volunteers
  6. Present findings, analysis, and recommendations 

For the purpose of Design-X, this course will be conducted over 10 weeks and interested students should find out more about the academic requirements from the Design-X website. As this is a longitudinal study, students are welcome to continue to be part of this larger project after completing the Design-X course requirements as part of their Service-Learning requirement. 

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